I've stated my reasons several times why I wouldn't do the Rajon Rondo/Chris Paul trade, but the scariest part of the trade would be if the Celtics re-signed Paul for $100 million over 5 years and he ceased being a top point guard. The reality is this is very possible. In case you're curious about Chris Paul's knee, here's a synopsis from last year via NOLA.com
Paul underwent surgery on the knee in early February. Noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, unable to sew the damaged piece of cartilage, cut it away instead, one of the primary reasons Paul played in just 45 games last season, and New Orleans found itself in the draft lottery instead of the playoffs.

Paul returned at the end of last season after rehabbing the knee, perhaps unwisely, which led to an offseason of further rehabilitation to get the knee as close to 100 percent as possible.

With Paul wearing a knee brace from the outset of training camp this season, speculation grew about the condition of his knee, fueling bizarre rumors about his health, whether there was any cartilage remaining in the joint, even if it would be necessary to go into the knee again perhaps once this season has ended.

Knees have two meniscus cartilages between the femur and the tibia bones, which provide a cushion so the bones do not grind together.

Because Paul’s torn meniscus could not be repaired by knitting it back together and the tear was sliced away, there’s the prospect of less cushioning cartilage between the bones, making it possible for some bone-on-bone wear and tear in the knee.

Portland’s Brandon Roy recently underwent surgery on both knees because of that issue. Microfracture surgery is sometimes an option for athletes who’ve had cartilage removal
So even if I wasn't a huge Rondo fan, this is why I don't want to make the trade. I don't want to be paying the name Chris Paul 100 million, but getting the game of Mike Bibby. Portland made this mistake. Minnesota previously made the same mistake with Wally Szczerbiak (and then Danny made it as well trading for him). The Kings made the mistake with Chris Webber (and then the Sixers trading for him). T-Mac is a shell of his former self. So is Jermaine O'Neal.

When a basketball player's knees go it's like Cinderella midnight time. Chris Paul will be playing with bone on bone knees before it's all said and done. Danny needs to get over this obsession. If you hate Rondo and want to move him, trade him to the Magic for Dwight Howard. But I'm not cool with the idea of Rondo averaging 20 and 15 on another team while getting paid $11 million a year, while we're stuck with damaged goods hogging up our cap making $20 mil a year.

JR 12/06/2011 01:57:00 PM Edit
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  1. pinsla says:

    lakers, clippers and other 26 team in the league are not worried about this
    why should celtics be?

  2. JR says:

    You ever try to play basketball every day for 9 months a year with bone on bone knees? If you haven't, watch Wally Szerbiak footage from his final 4 seasons and you'll see it makes a basketball player a shell of his former self. You can't buy a new meniscus.

  3. QD says:

    Hell, just watch McGrady now. Well, when the season starts.

  4. pinsla says:

    I know JR, your argument makes sense

    I remember Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill before and after the injuries
    or Dino Radja for example

    I m just saying why the Lakers and other teams are not worried about this?

    and I also watched Paul dismantling the Lakers last year in the playoffs by himself

  5. QD says:

    No other teams in these trade talks will be giving up a PG like RR, that's why they're not worried.

  6. QD says:

    You have Derrick Fisher(LA), how ever you spell his name, Billups(NY), ???(LAC) sorry, I can't remember who their PG is, and well, I'm sure you understand, no one else is risking losing an all star PG is these trades. That's why no one else is really worried.

  7. QD says:

    Wait, my bad on Billups and the all star thing, but current allstar.

  8. JR says:

    Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway are great examples Pinsla! Not sure why other teams don't have reservations. I think a team like Lakers has more room for the error. They can sign Chris Paul and if he gets injured they'll always have someone new demanding a trade to Los Angeles, California.

    To NBA players, Boston is not as desirable a location, so if we make a mistake we can end up paying for it for years.

  9. My next article: The Rajon Rondo Free Throw Issue :)

  10. I always end up looking like the "Perkins hater" or the "Eddie House hater"... I'm just scared that the team is going to end up like the Suns with an All-Star pass first PG and no supporting cast.

  11. JR says:

    lol on the "free throw issue" Your just the "Hater" Jess plain and simple. ;)

    J/k I like having the opposing views on the blog. I think in terms of the writers the Keep rondo contigent is the minority (slightly). In terms of the readers they're like 66% or something.

    Now on Perkins you were alone. lol.

  12. YGR says:

    @pinsla. the other teams in the league aren't worried about CP3's knees is because their current PG is shit. The Celtics on the other hand, would be giving away Rondo, an elite PG with no knee problems, for CP3, risking losing him multiple times due to lingering knee injuries because of the missing cartilage. So while other teams would be less hesitant, Aing has to think LONG AND HARD on whether he wants to risk losing Rondo for CP3 with an injury prone knee. Not to mention he could just walk at the end of the season anyway, which would then leave us with nothing. That's why the other teams aren't worried and the C's are.

  13. Bohemian says:

    It´s clear Chris Paul will end up here. A three team deal is the most possible situation for GS, Bos and NO.

    But so far the thing is GS has said no to getting Rondo, apparently. Both GS and Bos want Paul and NO wants Curry...

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