Why Boston Should Trade For CP3, Extension Or Not.

Let me set up a scenario...

Dwight Howard is traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and LA is still seriously in the hunt for Chris Paul.

The New York Knicks are Chris Paul's top destination, but they already have 41 Mil locked up for next season.

The Los Angeles Clippers will have enough space resign Chris Paul to a max contract, and also have the chips to trade for Dwight Howard.

Chris Paul is reportedly interested in all of these teams and has "said" that he wouldn't be interested in signing an extension with Boston. But what if Boston traded for him anyways?

The main reason for acquiring Chris Paul is to contend for a championship immediately, one would argue that Boston has just as good a chance with Rajon Rondo, but is that chance still just as good if The Lakers acquire Chris Paul instead? What if the Knicks add him to Carmelo and Amare? The Celtics could keep there stranglehold on the Atlantic Division, and jump up a notch in the Eastern Conference, by going through with the trade regardless of a contract extension... just for the sake of keeping him away from New York and Los Angeles.

Once a property of The Celtics, Chris Paul's Bird Rights will be reserved only for resigning with Boston or wherever Danny Ainge might turn and trade him. The Celtics could elect to NOT trade him to their biggest threats. Not to mention that once he reaches free agency he could only sign with teams under the cap.

History shows that players have been convinced, Kevin Garnett was at first against signing an extension in Boston but everything changed once he felt the love. Chris Paul isn't technically a free agent next year, he has a player option. With Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett coming off the books why isn't Boston just as viable an option for Dwight Howard? Especially with cap space AND the Bird Right to Chris Paul.

Once the Big 3 is gone Rajon Rondo will be all alone. That will happen a lot quicker than fans want to realize, and once all the NBA's top guys are locked up long term alongside each other... you'll be wishing things were done differently.