Video: ESPN Experts Discuss Rondo/Paul Trade

A little surprised that all four would do the trade (even without an extension). Jon Barry comes off pretty unknowledgeable basically implying that the C's would be fine with trading for Paul for a year and then him walking, because maybe they want to get rid of Rondo. Well a) They shouldn't want to get rid of Rondo. And b) if they do, they should never just dump him. Get full value for him. Also Barry is a fool to imply that Rondo is not an all-star without the Big 3. I'd go as far as to say if Rondo and Paul traded places, Rondo would put up better numbers in New Orleans than he has in Boston. It takes a very unselfish star to please all the hall of famers he's had as teammates. In New Orleans Rondo would be free to average 20 and 15 if he liked. Also how will the Big 3 react to a lot fewer looks with Paul at the point? Rondo basically creates all of Ray's offense. And how will Paul adjust to having to placate the Big 3? Will he become too unselfish (like what happened to a similar style point guard in Stephon Marbury)?

Broussard reiterated an earlier report that Rondo was not happy at all about learning that he was being shopped. We're lucky Rondo doesn't have the personality of some of the NBA's other stars. If he did, he'd be demanding a trade out of Boston now and then the Celtics would truly only get 50 cents on the dollar.