Afternoon Delight:: Free Agency Craziness

You just can't make these things up.  Chris Paul is traded.  No, Chris Paul is not traded.  The owners blocked it.  No, the owners didn't block it.  This is the best gif I've seen about the trade, or lack thereof, courtesy of @JustinDoubleday on Twitter.

Dwight Howard is having cloak and dagger meetings with the Nets and Orlando is filing tampering charges. Cue the Prokhorov jokes (Just scan Twitter - You'll find a bunch more):
"I am happy to announce Prokhorov has just offered the Magic, Brooke Lopez and a complete DVD set of the Sopranos for Dwight Howard" -TheProkhorov

"I'm confused, why is Dwight requesting a trade to the NETS? Is Prokhorov holding his newest baby mom or Ed Hardy T shirt hostage?" -OfficiallyZay

""In Russia, trade vetoes you!" - Prokhorov, in glee as he maniacally laughs about impending trade for D12" -markentel
Big Baby gets over 6 million a year. How crazy is that?  There's rumors around that Dwight Howard asked for Big Baby because they are friends. (could have fooled me because of the way the knocked Baby around during games).    I haven't done anything for 2 days because I can't tear myself away from Twitter. 

Celtics Life had the best tweet of the night though when they asked David Stern to retroactively kill the Kendrick Perkins trade.  Found myself getting excited about the possibility. 

And to think that this is just the first day and it's just starting.  It's bound to get even crazier as time goes on.  I leave you with another great cartoon from Larry Johnson, courtesy of WEEI.