Rondo Called NBA's Most Overrated Point Guard

If Rondo's "overrated," then what the hell is Mo Williams?
Saw this on ESPN Boston, but it's originally from an ESPN article from yesterday where the question was asked, "Who's the most overrated point guard in the NBA?" This dodo bird Jovan Buha from ClipperBlog responded:
Rajon Rondo. Though he's one of the league's elite passers and defenders, Rondo's inability to develop a reliable jump shot, improve his free throw shooting or consistently attack the rim has hindered his claim as "the best point guard in the NBA." Put kindly, he is an offensive liability and overvalued by fans.

If you want to say Rondo's not the best in the league that's fine. But most overrated? Please. I really don't want to go into all the reasons why this is an asinine statement (I'll let you fill in the blanks in the comments ), but I checked out ClipperBlog and all I can say is why would ESPN value their opinion? Who even knew the Clippers had a fan blog? The name sucks, the logo sucks, but most importantly your team sucks. You just traded the #1 pick in the draft for Mo Williams. Mo Williams is about as overrated as it gets. Criminal charges should still be brought against the NBA for "overrating" his LeBron sidekick abilities and naming him to an all-star team. All-star? Please (again). It's debatable if he's even starter material.

Rondo's a definite top 5 point guard in the league and depending on what you want most out of your point guard, he could even be considered the league's best. You call him an "offensive liability" when if he hadn't been injured he would have led the league in assists. That means he creates the most offense. And as  you saw in past playoffs, if he wants to score, he can give you 20. He simply knows that his first, second, and third goals are making sure Paul, KG, and Ray get their shots. ClipperBlog, you'd love to have a top 5 point guard like Rondo. Maybe then Blake Griffin wouldn't leave in a couple years. Talk about Gary Grant or Pooh Richardson next time. You don't know Rondo's game.