Green Target: Chris Paul

So people have been talking about some offseason targets for the Celtics.  The way I see it, all the complementary players are in place.  What better options for a supporting cast than Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett?  I'm confident that those guys, as your 2nd-4th best players, could be the pieces to win a title next season.  The problem isn't getting the guys to support them but to acquire the guy for them to surround.  That guy is Chris Paul.

I understand the concerns about the injuries.  I realize he's a bigger contract than the very affordable and talented Rajon Rondo.  But I've watched him enough to know he would be the difference maker in being able to win a title next year.  While the current cast of characters will fall short again to the Heat.

Paul has brass balls, isn't afraid to take and make the big shot, or go toe-to-toe with the best players in the league.  He's lead New Orleans to playoff appearances with David West as his second best player.  David West is a good pop and pick shooter.  He has nice range and is a good scorer.  But he doesn't have the legacy that the Celtics' core has.

This is no knock on Rajon Rondo.  He's a top 5 point guard in the league and has exceeded all of his expectations coming out of college.  But when the Heat have the best small forward and best shooting guard in the league, you need the best point guard to match that elite level.

The important part would be to convince Paul to sign an extension and realize that he would be the reason people would come to Boston.  He alone can extend the careers of KG, Ray and Paul and be the #1 guy on a team that wins a title. 

Does this have realistic shot of happening?  Probably not.  But the "2012 World Champion Boston Celtics" has a nice ring to it.  And it would be because of "NBA Finals MVP, Chris Paul."