Draft Profile: Kevin Anderson, Isaiah Thomas, Corey Stokes

Next up in our draft profile series is a trio of players who are scheduled for workouts with the Celtics.  All 3 are not expected to be drafted but I wouldn't rule out Danny using the 55th on one if he impresses enough in the workouts.  First up is Kevin Anderson who is scheduled to visit Boston on June 7.

Anderson, a senior out of Richmond wasn't invited to the draft combine so there aren't the detailed measurements that we have for many of the potential draftees.  He is a 6' 0" point guard. who averaged 16.6 points per game shooting 44% from 2 point range and 41% from beyond the arc in his senior season.  He is ranked 55th in the draft among seniors.

In 2009-10 he was named 2010 Atlantic 10 Player of the Year and First-Team All Atlantic 10. He entered his name into the draft last year but withdrew and finished out his senior year with the Spiders. He was named First-Team All-Atlantic 10 for the 2nd-straight season and was MVP of 2011 Atlantic 10 Tournament.

He's got a compact, strong body, he can shoot from anywhere on the court, hit floaters, runners, and jumpers. He's a guy that's always in the attack mode. He's fearless. He also has a high basketball IQ. Anderson is a gym rat, always in the gym working on his game. If Danny is serious about drafting a point guard, Avery Bradley must be on his way to somewhere else.

On June 14, Isaiah Thomas is scheduled for a workout. Not THAT Isiah Thomas - this one played for the Washington Huskies and left after his Junior season to try his luck in the draft. At the draft combine Thomas measured 5' 10.5" in shoes. He has a 6' 1.5" wingspan and a 7' 8.5" standing reach.

Thomas averaged 16.8 points per game in his last season at Washington shooting 45% from 2 point range and 35% from beyond the arc. One of the knocks against Thomas, besides his diminutive size, was his shooting ability. However, he improved his stock immensely at the draft combine, shooting the lights out in the drills. Thomas made 75.36 percent of the shots he took during the drills, the third-best mark of anyone at the combine. Draft Express ranks him 19th among Juniors and 16th among guards. He may only be 5-10 in shoes, but his 40-inch vertical is awfully impressive. He's got great hops and could be Danny's Nate Robinson replacement.

On June 20, Corey Stokes is scheduled to come in for a workout. Stokes is a 6'5" shooting guard out of Villanova. He has a 6' 9" wingspan and an 8' 4.75" standing reach. Stokes averaged 14.9 points per game in his last season at Villanova shooting 44% on 2 pointers and 43% beyond the arc.

Stokes has an amazing shot, the release is soft and the form consistent. Stokes has NBA three point range already and has the ability to maintain his accuracy even when in motion. He isn't a great ball handler but he has good athleticism and is strong and with a little work will be dangerous driving to the basket. Defensively, Stokes is fundamental and could be a good defender in time. He is also a good rebounder at his position.

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