Temporary Bandwagoning is a good thing

I'm writing this from a Dunkin Donuts in Cape Cod. It truly is incredible how much better Dunkin's in Massachusetts are compared to Virginia. I may try to recruit some of their employees.

Anyway, with the Heat win last night we have Mavs-Heat in a 2006 Finals rematch. One thing I've learned over the years is it is important to be able to jump on a bandwagon temporarily. For example, I've jumped on the Mavs bandwagon all playoffs. I jumped on the Bulls bandwagon. Even though our beloved Celtics are out we can still care about these finals.

Lebron James has been clutch these playoffs and it makes me nauseous. He's still a prick though, and quite honestly, if you have Dwade and Lebron on your team and don't win the title it's pathetic. Anyway, Dirk has been a certified beast these playoffs. He's more clutch than Kobe ever was in the playoffs (and has a lot less help). He's virtually unguardable. How does one shoot like he does at 7 feet tall? I've grown to love the guy. If you don't root for the Mavs in the Finals you should hit yourself in the face. 

Quite frankly, the Bulls can't score enough to win a title. The Mavs are a much better team and Dirk is playing at a level we haven't seen from anyone since Dwade took control of the 2006 Finals.  I think the Mavs will take this in 6 and Lebron will be left crying once again. Go Mavs!