From Body Pains to Mental Woes

With only two more games to finally end the Regular Season, I can't help but thinking what a strange and wild ride this has been. The season started with emotion, strength and some good old vets adapting well to the spirit of ubuntu. Health and spirits were in full shape.

Just as now, we only lacked Perk. Quite interesting, right?

Between then and now we have seen a vast legion of injuries fall over our players, we've heard of calf, Achilles, knees, wrists, ankles and spinal cords. The pain was indicative of fight back then and it increased the team spirit in the sense than whenever a soldier fell, another played hard in his place. People seemed to overachieve just for the sake of a team oriented identity in which all it counted was effort, good defense and aggression.

When Spring arrived, we slowly felt relieved from the physical pain. Delonte West, Jermaine O'Neal and the rest of the ailing bodies were finally healing and the team was at last able to give some rest to players #16 and #17 in the team (Lacerte and McKeon).

We discovered then that we still missed the Big Perk though.

As we did all year.

And all of the sudden, in a psychosomatic turn of events the physical woes were substituted by the colossal mental lapses. We have lost the will and drive to win. The motivation, the reason why we are all here waiting for the playoffs to arrive.

We waited for so long for the big moment to arrive that now it seems we are not interested in it any more. We wished so hard, we loved the fight so intensely that now we are showing as if there was no more reason to believe, to fight, to win.

Ubuntu lost its essence, a word so used that it was emptied from its significance. Just another nice word, not good or bad enough to make you dream.

This team needs to get together, shout at each other, laugh and cry together to believe again. They need to know what they are here for and why it all started.

Ubuntu is not a word, it's a fact.

Fighting is a need, a way of living.

Winning is achieved by means of intense aggression and belief in your teammate

Dying for each ball, and smothering the rivals with extreme defense is your only mission.

Bleeding green is like breathing.

Feel the colors, feel the Playoffs arriving and let the game come back to you.

Remember, Celtics players: this season was conceived for #18. Nothing else is an option

Together we can. Let's fight!