Deja Vu?

21 years ago, watching this game was rock bottom.  The worst feeling of my life as a Celtics fan (until June 17, 2010).  I'm hoping there's not a deja-vu with this year's group.  Specifically watch the 2:05 mark and the 4:54 mark:

Sure there's a lot of things different.  Guys like Jimmy Rodgers (and Stan Albeck for that matter) aren't head coaches in the NBA with those perms.  Boston was a 4 seed that year and the Knicks were a 5 seed (this year they'll be 3 and 6 likely).  And Stu Jackson wasn't handing out unnecessary fines but was rather unnecesarily acting like an idiot on the sideline.

Even though the Celtics bounced back admirably the next 2 seasons, this really in my mind, marked the end of the Big 3 era.  Dennis Johnson retired.  Rodgers was fired.  The new decade of the 90s was starting.  As we know, that was Michael Jordan's time to shine.

There's an excellent chance the Celtics will be playing the Knicks in this year's playoffs.  Could they possibly lose, even though they're heavy favorites, effectively ending this run of Celtics basketball?  Here's hoping this doesn't happen, again.