Comments from the Other Side - Pistons 4/3

It was good for the Celtics to get the win.  Bad for Shaq to get hurt after 5 minutes back.   The Pistons are harder on their own team than the opposition.  There were 2 comments that completely cracked me up.  The first was how Big Baby would fit inside Shaq like Russian nesting dolls.  And the second was the one about the true reason for Carlie V's hair loss.  KG's cancer comment was pretty mild compared to that one.  What was your favorite?  Enjoy today's comments....

Well we are going to lose, obviously. But I'm looking for big games from stuckey and monroe

Reports just came out saying Stuckey won't play tonight because he refused to enter the game at some point in the 4th quarter vs the Bulls.

As if it couldn't have gotten any worse with this team.

If true... Sayonara to that guy though. Seriously. He's become a cancer.

Have a chance to win this game. Celtics wont take us seriously until the fourth quarter.

Great preview.  Too bad the Pistons suck and nobody cares. 

Rip & Tay will combine for 35 pts and in the end isn't that all that really matters?

35 points on about 40 shots. Hamilton is DETERMINED to take away the team scoring lead from Stuckey, and he will do everything in his power to assure that happens.

Looks like Wilcox Lost his headband in the luggage – he’s wearing green.

Rip’s got one, too – is this the D’s version of a white flag?

No matter ... Rip’s tooth may Allen bleed red. It all evens out in the end.

It is amazing to me that you could fit Glen Davis comfortably within Shaq. Like a Russian nesting doll.

Shaq looks like a giant It still surprises me.

Prince play like he is alone in the court xD I hate it so much

Man, Rondo left Prince in his dust...

Looks like Shaq has hurt himself again

Oh man, The Big Fella looks like he just took an uppercut from Mike Tyson!

Shaq is hurt Bring in Perkins. Oh wait.

Jermaine O'Neal's corpse is good enough Right?

J O'neal might look good against the Pistons But if he plays anything like he did in last year’s playoffs, Celtics won’t get out of the second round. That’s if Shaq remains injured.

Their Conference Championship hopes just limped off the floor

Damn, I hate to see a guy get hurt Even it’s a Celtic. If Shaq stays injured, I’m guessing it’s the Heat in the Finals.

Did Big Baby seriosuly just crossover Austin Daye? LMFAO

Delonte can’t miss. He gets tonight’s Tony D Buckets award

Delonte West Win! Gloria is happy somewhere.

No more ESPN hype up articles about the Garnett/CV feud? Did CV officially lose his tough guy card when he complained via tweet?

Delonte hits the best shot EVER

Our bench is all chuckers and softies...

Jason Maxiell is truly one of the worst players in the entire NBA.

CV is not far behind...

The Villanueva/Maxiell frontcourt has to be the most lethargic tandem in NBA history. These two look like they've been sitting on Charlie V's couch all day playing XBox while taking bong hits and eating cheetos. Then rolled off the couch into their car and drove to the game.

I am starting to think that CV doesn't actually have alopecia. He is just full of so much suck that his hair can't escape that vacuum.

I hate the Celtic announces. Stupid league pass

One reason we're struggling? We’re wearing their team colors on our head. Maybe we’re officially throwing our support behind them?

One reason we're struggling? Our point guard is putting up 20 right now. In New York.

Pierce lighting Prince up like it's 2008 again.

Tommy Heinsohn, is flat out un-tolerable

I still cant believe that the refs never call Rip for a travel when he catches it 3 feet before the free throw line and some how ends up past the 3 point line with out dribbling. Just amazing.

KG trying to intimidate Will Bynum.

That just proved That Garnett only goes after little guys

Garnett is such a dick. I wish he was a Piston, though.

There’s plenty players I despise but would gladly take on the team. But Garnett I will not compromise

Is Davis CV's man? Why wasn't he within 5 feet of the guy for that jumper?

Because he saw a kid with a giant pretzel and a couple chili dogs in the front row.

Our PF (CV) is taking 3's while our PG (Will) was fighting Garnett and Green for the rebound FAIL

I hate when CV gets hot It gives them a reason to keep playing him

I think the Celtics fans are pretty pumped about the Jeff Green trade At least the guy I talked to on Saturday was so pumped it seemed delusional.

Damn Davis does not miss

Has a Pistons starting PG ever scored 20 pts and had 0 asts? I cant imagine its ever happened, but Bynum is about to hold the record.