Tom "Satch" Sanders Headed To The Hall.

Satch's numbers fall drastically short of making him Hall-worthy, but ask any of those superstarss who lost to Boston from '61-'66, and then a repeat in '68-'69, they'll all tell you how good Sanders was. They may also tell you that he could have been much more than a role player for other teams in the league, but winning was always the most important thing to Satch.

It's fitting that Sanders and Rodman get in on the same year because they're similar types of players. No Satch doesn't have green hair and nipple rings, but he was counted on to guard superstar opposition while playing on a team that didn't look for him to show off his offense. Rodman guarded Bird, Magic, and Jordan on his way to championships. Satch would guard Baylor, Robertson, and Pettit. Dennis was overshadowed, at times, by Isiah Thomas, Jordan, David Robinson, and Scottie Pippen. Satch was overshadowed at all times by Russell, Heinsohn, Jones, and Havlicek. But despite being overshadowed by star teammates, and being expected to guard the leagues best, he never complained, he never demanded more touches. Satch was the ultimate team player.

Tom Sanders is a Celtic legend who can often be seen around the garden signing autographs, or out at charity events alongside current Celtic players raising money for those who need it. Satch Sanders is a legendary Celtic and a legendary human being, congratulations to Tom Sanders. #16 HOF 2011