Ainge: "I'd do the trade over again in a heartbeat"

CSNNE's Greg Dickerson spoke with Danny Ainge yesterday about the Kendrick Perkins trade, and Danny clearly stated that he currently has no regrets.

"I would do the trade over again in a heartbeat, as of today. But at the end of the season, I'll look at all the things and I'll be the first one to say some things that we could have done or that we didn't, or things that we did do that we shouldn't have."

When asked about how other teams have said the Celtics lost their toughness when Perkins walked out he door, Danny replied by saying: "That would embarrass me if I was Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce or Ray Allen or Rajon Rondo or whoever else. We got one guy that's tough? That's ridiculous."

Especially with the rumors that Shaq might be done for the season, Danny might want to think long and hard before telling the media and fans that he has no regrets.