Comments from the Other Side - Knicks Game 2 4/19

 Another night on the Knicks boards, another wheelchair reference, and tons of complaints about the refs in spite of the Knicks shooting 11 more free throws than the Celtics.  A couple of fans actually saw that the officials were giving NY the 50-50 calls, but most were pretty ignorant just complaining about the refs because they had nothing better to do.  One of my favorite comments was the one about Dr Frankenstein reviving JO.   Another was the one about how Rondo is one of the worst guards he's ever seen as Rondo was out there destroying the Knicks.  Good stuff. What's your favorite?  Enjoy! 

I'm so nervous for this one, absolutely a must win if the Knicks are to have any chance in the series. The pessimist in me thinks the Knicks just played their game 7, and will get blown out of the water in game 2... But I'm pretty morbid like that.

Its about to get real physical. Refs aint calling sh**. C's will take advantage Bockers better too.

Btw, y'all saw doc's comment on the kg foul? What a piece of trash this guy is, seeing them out of the first round would be even sweeter than seeing the knicks in the ec semis

Give Amar'e the ball. KG, Big Baby and O'Neal's corpse can NOT guard him.

I now despise this team more than the Heat. I didn't even thought that was possible.

Ray Allen is key man, we need to someone putting extreme pressure on this dude even if that costs fouls, cant let him get in a rhythm

Shaq is done. I hope he does play, Amare will destroy him.

IMO this accurately shows where Fields is at this point in his rookie season...


My money is on the Refs.

That Boston team is a shell of its former self. If Melo stops trying to cash in on every spotlight he can find and TD plays well, we're good.

The Knicks need to approach this game like a boxer fighting the champ with corrupt judges in his pocket -- They can't get a decision against the Celtics; they have to knock them out

I want Melo to put that clown Paula where he belongs....

If ever there was a game that the league and refs should make sure the Knicks get a "VERY FAIR SHAKE" in, this is that game.

Joey Crawford and Bennett salvatore. Shoot me now.

Knicks have the talent to pull off an upset but they just aren't smart enough to IMO. The players don't know the diffference between a good shot and a bad one and the coaching staff doesn't insist on offensive and defensive execution especially during key moments the game.

I'm confident...borderline cocky...going into this game. I'm wearing my Knicks Orange dress shirt today and I just KNOW we're going to pull it out tonight.

How can you be cocky against a team who swept us in the regular season and had such a better overall record? I wish I shared your enthusiasm.

Hopefully Dr. Frankenstein decides not to revive Jermain O'neal once again, tonight.

Wow, I guess if you have a blue jersey on you can't be fouled!

Nobody can stop Rondo

These refs are ****ing shit. Pierce pushes Landry to the floor BLATANTLY and nothing.

Someone has to send Rondo a message. Come in the lane, you can wacked, even in transition.

I'm sitting here waiting for Jermaine O'Neal to get some type of injury to his lower extremities

I wish Allen can get injured for the series.

Damn, someone needs to "Nancy Kerrigan" Rondo.

Am I watching a playoff game or a Boston Celtic layup practice?

These refs are **** blind.

If rondo makes one more layup I'm going to punch somebody

Nice to see the refs are on the Celtics side again

So sad that JO leaving means that we are "catching a break" lol. Sad, but true.

Clearly off the bald white guy. But these refs are not going to give us anything. It's really impossible to win in that situation. What a joke. Not fun to watch when the outcome is pre-determined.

So that's a foul on green but when amare got hacked by 2 Celts wasn't a foul??

Pierce tries to flop his way to a call LITERALLY every time someone makes the slightest contact with him whether he has the ball or not -- it's ridiculous to watch

Rondo is such a **** he looks like a dinosaur Lol Rondosaur

Definitely do see some patterns of good calls. Still blown calls but the 50-50 ones are usually going to us.

Jeff Green is **** terrible.

Rondo = the new Wade That clown is just jumping into people and falling down

What a joke that Delonte West is playing in this game.

Rondo is trash.. He is being completely ignored.. Never in the history of the game, have I ever seen a guard be left that wide open.. Garnett saw him open and threw it to a covered

I hate this big headed has been ONEAL

We can't have garnett shoot wide open jumpers when all he does is shoot jumpers.

Nice pass by Rondo. He is fun to watch. Annoying but fun guy to watch

I swear Rondo is one of the worst guards I have ever seen in my life.

I'm telling you, these Celtics are done. We're taking the next three.

Wow we got lucky Walker leaned in, Doc was right lol

This Boston team is far, far, far from elite. We have no Billups, no Amare, TD in foul trouble from the start and yet up one?

I think the Celtics are saving their energy for the second half... They shut it down on D especially in the third quarter ... I hope knicks and MDA have noticed this by now

Boston is a very good team that is playing poorly tonight. We must take advantage.

We need eddy curry for like one play to take out rondo, lol remember his return to the knicks and he pushed rondo down and got a flagrant.

Boston is playing some ugly ball, that last move by Rondo was a freaking joke and for a guy running his mouth before the series Fat Baby is looking quite ridiculous.

I wish we got that 5th spot. Outside of Howard, Magic are garbage

I hate Ray Allen

God I hate when people leave ray Allen open

Rondo is owning Douglas!

Have the knicks forgotten about ray Allen already

Amare needs to get a heat pack and get his 100million dollar contract butt back in that game!!!!! I'm tired of this soft crap

I will take that tech.. I hope walker breaks Allen's Azz!! And that is not a tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be ridiculous... He shoved his ass on the floor. Don't tell me if they did that to Melo you wouldn't be screaming for a flagrant 2

If that makes Ray shoot worse, so be it

Man I hate Pierce. He never shows up till the end of games

Imma have nightmares about ray Allen

Someone needs to punch Ray Allens mom in the face.

Don't breathe on them guys, it's a foul

Knicks = 2 superstars and a bunch of scrubs

The fix is really in

Wow now they calling fouls on Melo, they really want us to lose

Boston officials showing favoritism. I swear.

The refs see us getting closer and they want Melo out the game with all these fouls and no calls on Big-Baby and KG..

Ok you guys know I never call out the refs. But Glen Davis just shoved Jeffries after the play, no call, plus they give Celtics the ball

So walker gets a tech for Allen floping but big baby doesn't SUCH CRAP

I can't believe TNT had the audacity to show Big Baby's illegal screen again and not bring up how it's not a legal play.

Melo is not a smart player....that is his biggest short coming....the guys is a border line dumb player

Wow there refs are disgustingly

The Celtics are such trash and desperate to stop Melo, that they've decided to try to engage him in a physical battle, hoping to exaggerate some retaliatory fouls.

These refs are really trying to take it away from us. Trying damn hard to kill the momentum

We are back to this crap with the refs letting Boston do whatever the hell they want. That last possession they fouled 4 times with no freakn whistle!!!!!

Someone break rondo's legs

How does pierce go to the hole flaling his arms like a fruit and get a call, but our players get the brakes beat off them and no call?

Garnet is a slimey bast4rd. Always ripping down peoples arms during rebounds and those screens. I would love for someone to take his head off.

I feel like I just got punched in the ****en gut. SMH on how the better team is going home behind 0-2 in this series.

I wish jj would just die in a fire, hes terrible, a grade A scrub

Knicks gotta leave Jeffries in Boston....don't bring him back to's not safe here.

This is some of the worst officiating I have ever seen.

Refs letting them play at times, a lot of crashes for both sides under the hoop.

F^k the referees buncha dirty b@stards they need to either die or get replced with unbiased robots who can actually make a call.

I thought TD was a good defensive player, Rondo is eating him alive.

Someone DECK rondo !!!!!! Flagrantly if you have to!!!!!

Can we rename the team the New York Melos?

If your a piece of cake Big baby would be intimidating

These refs straight up destroyed us... No calls whatsoever. I just can’t believe this.

Not nearly as dissapointed with this game as I was with the first. The truth is the officiating was good for the most part and we almost beat a full Celtics team without amare and chauncey

Mike antoni is a garbage coach and Jared Jeffries is a waste of life

Stop touching the people in green. You aren't allowed to touch them.

Paula needs an Oscar for his acting

Too much time on the clock, the refs will find a way to help Boston out if they miss the shot.

SAME OLD KNICKS....chokejobs, pathetic, incompetent, don't know how to win...losers

We HAVE to win both home games. The question is, Can we?

Depends who the refs want to let win

They beat our ass 5 games in a row if u include the regular season

Far from it with out help from the refs they lose both these games

This Boston team won't go much further. Miami will thrash them.