Ref Suing Writer Over Tweet of a Make Up Call Promise

Bill Spooner, a 22-year veteran NBA official, is suing Minnesota Timberwolves beat reporter Jon Krawczynski for tweeting during a game that Spooner promised coach Kurt Rambis that he'd get the Wolves two points in the form of a make-up call, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports.

According to Spooner's suit, Rambis took umbrage with a foul called against his team in the second quarter of a Jan. 24 game against the Houston Rockets. Spooner then told an upset Rambis that he'd review the call at halftime.

Rambis asked how his team was supposed to get the two points back. While Spooner's suit claims he didn't respond to the Minnesota coach's question, Krawczynski tweeted otherwise.

"Ref Bill Spooner told Rambis he'd 'get it back' after a bad call," Krawczynski tweeted. "Then he made an even worse call on Rockets. That's NBA officiating folks."
Refs have been giving make up calls for years. I've never been into the whole two wrongs make a right in officiating. I just think it makes the officials look more incompetent. Rather silly decision to sue. I guess it's simply for show. It's not like any one can prove what was not said, if you understand what I'm saying (probably not). And the AP isn't going to throw their writer under the bus and settle. The ref should have just made a "make up tweet" to even the score. Tweet that he overheard Krawczynski say he's into pigeon sex rooting for the other team or something.

Thanks shelbyl for the find.