Comments from the Other Side - Nets 3/14

 The Celtics just didn't play well.  It's hard to understand how a team that looked so good against the Bucks could look so bad against the Nets.   Of course, a 24-8 free throw deficit didn't help much either.   Not much to say about the game but that kid in the pink shirt at the end is hilarious.  I remember that feeling back in 2008 after the Celtics had been so bad for so long.  It's definitely a hallelujah moment. Enjoy...

Deron Williams got some much needed rest, the Celtics are banged up, its a home game, and the nets are hot. Lets see what happens. Btw if Troy Murphy comes in the paint I want someone to put a flagarent 2 foul on him.

I don't know how fans will treat him. I'm gonna boo him because he played like s--t when he played.

He sucked as a Net. On the court, he irritated me. Stupid 3s & didn't rebound well. Love how writers said he is a great rebounder.

The Celtics are not as strong as they used to be in the paint. Humphries and Lopez have to dominate this game. Oh, and don't let Krstic get near to a chair!

The play-off talk is hilarious. Nets will get SMOKE tomorrow. I'd be happy if they score over 80, did you see what Boston did to the Bucks today?

Yeah.. This playoff thing doesn't seem plausible... Bucks definitely have a better team than the Nets and if they only scored 57 points.. I don't see the Nets winning this one.

We beat them in Boston last year. Anything can happen. Since the trade, the team is playing with passion and lost the losing mentality. It would be nice to see the fans do the same at this point of the year. I'm usually very pessimistic, but I think we can win this game.

As I stated, the Celtics don't have the bodies to match up with us inside. Krstic is not a great defender, Garnett is getting older, Shaq is out. So their rotation consists of Murphy, Green and Big Baby... That is pretty weak.

Let's take it to the Smeltics!

I'm start to think we're going to win this game

Lopez can't suck tonight For them to have a chance.

If Brook can have big games against Big time teams……then ppl will take notice (more than he’s gotten so far) at least

This season he should get a rebounding coach and Outlaw should get a shooting coach

Maybe outlaw jus needs a life coach

If we beat them last season, we can do it this season with D-Will.

We need to control Krstic. Hes been hot lately.

His comb over isnt hot, hes 25 with a comb over

Bad blood between Garnett and Humpries... Wish humps elbow will find Garnett in the face during rebound... Better yet when he’s pumping his chest… annoys me so much…

Well, he's a future HOFer. He’s entitled to beat his chest. For people who love the game, KG is pretty much everything that’s great about it.

I just heard Nets were booed during starting line ups, more Celtic fans then ever

Nets should give free shirts before the game to cover all the green that we will probably see in the game

So many green shirts

OMG did the Nets just get a superstar call Hahaha…… love it !!

I hate KG so much

Nothing wrong with KG. You have to understand his past to understand where his personality comes from. He’s one of my favorite players.

Guessing Ref bet a lot on the Celtics tonight

Ref was probably giving him the call for gifting that foul on rondo before Deron jumped straight into him

I hope rondo keeps shooting jumpers

Wow is krstic gonna kill us tonight

Petrol I hate u sooo much I wish I culd jus trade you for a burger from red robin

I'll trade him & Outlaw for a cup of ice .

Why did Deron start wearing a headband?

I guess he always wanted too, but Sloan didn't allow headbands.

Is Petro **** serious? How can someone with such an irregularly massive head be that retarded.

Murphy is in. I'm comfortable in knowing that we'll be able to score now.

Someone tell me why we aren't going to Brook in the post

Because Kristic is a DOMINANT nba force and Lopez cant handle it

I have a question: why nets fans never wear jersey at game???

Because most people either got a free ticket or theyre a Celtic fan

They clearly have a better team and we’re playing an away game again. I’m not mad..

The Celtics havent been great on defense, its just the wrong people taking the shots. Brook needs to get some touches and Petro needs to go home.

Troy Murphy in a Celtics jersey... Looks like the punchline to a St Patty’s Day joke.

Brook needs to shave and get a hair cut lol

OMG yes, I don’t know how he justifies leaving his house looking like that

Jeff green doesnt like us

I dont like the nets sometimes either

Haha, Big Baby just literally took down 2 of our guys...

I don't get it. Allen is the one guy in the league you just don't want to leave open, yet people still do. Just have one get play tight D on him and follow him around the whole game

Ya, I heard it's pretty easy to chase around Ray Allen for a whole game.

Farmar has outplayed Rondo so far..

If this is a playoff preview, I'll pass.

Lol this is a Celtics home game all these green jerseys

We finally have a guard who can abuse Rondo ..

How much moolah did Avery give the refs?

It’s annoying how you see people in Celtic green in the crowd everywhere

I just keep telling my self people are just celebrating St. Patty's day early... Then I hear them cheering

Rondo is hurt? Hahahaha. My most hated player! I dont like his pesky attitude. Don’t like his being called one of the great PG’s today even though he’s surrounded by 3 great scorers. And I hate Boston.

If he had a jumper Id think he is maybe the best PG in the league

If he had any kind of scoring game Hes so one dimension

For sure But you can’t really blame him for having great teammates and being drafted by a team you hate… I hate the lakers so I loooove me some Celtics

Rondo is offensively challenged. He really is.

One of the most overrated pg's in the league in my opinion

If rondo develops a steady J he is unstoppable

Garnett is unstoppable

Lopez might be a bit intimidated by Boston

He needs to learn they dont have Perkins anymore


And IDK why there are so many freaking Celtics fans there. Why do we have no fan base???? just despise all these Celtic fans that popped up after 2008.

Lol Murphy can't get off the floor just reaching
I can see it now.. ESPN spins this so that is seems like Celtics should have had 50 more foul calls

Shaq will be nets GM one day Mark my words

This game just goes to show that the Celtics don’t take the regular season seriously (not that I’m breaking any ground here).

They should Theyre in a fight for the 1 seed

Don't let rondo foul out we are killing him

Wtf were nets fan cheering fir that miss

Sorry to break this to you but there’s more Boston fans than nets here

Does big baby miss jumpers?

Wen he plays another team he does Wen plays the nets…..nope

Is it me or Nenad Kristic... Been using Rogaine

Lol 5 fouls on Rondo. Anyone else NOT want him to foul out?

Really big win for us and we helped Chicago get closer to the #1 seed.

Get a GIF of Rondo getting laid out by THE HUMP pick.

Haha, yeah that was awesome.

You couldn't have scripted it more perfectly.... Camera zooms in on Deron after he hits the three.... Oh wait, what's this little treasure in the background... "JUBILATION!!!!"


Big win tonight fellas.... Hopefully we beat the Bulls and the Heat and really send a statement around the league... Dwight you are that missing piece.

Is this LSD kicking in Or did we just beat Boston by 9

Rondo 1-10 from the field

Brent Barry showing us no love “not so much that new jersey won, but Boston didn’t do enough to win”

If we get to playoffs and bulls as opponent I c us in east finals.