Rondo Eyeing All-Star Records?

With Doc Rivers as his head coach, Rajon Rondo could definitely be bidding for some playing time in Sunday's All-Star Game. While I'd expect a big time scorer to win the MVP, i'm looking for some big assist number from Rajon. Rondo to Howard, Rondo to Stoudemire, Rondo to Lebron... get what I'm saying? Then theres the fact that he plays every day with the NBA and All-Star Game's all time leading three point shooter.

The All-Star record for assists in a game in 22, set by Magic Johnson back in 1984. Rondo has topped 22 twice this season, against New York in October, then San Antonio in January.

We all know the Celtics aren't big on individual numbers, but deep down every player cares about their individual performances. This is where you can really take over the game, show the fans what you do best, entertain the fans with some wild passes.

Do you think Rajon Rondo can break Magic's single game assist record?

By the way... I'd love to see Rondo attempt this pass right here: