Comments From the Other Side - Bonus Edition - Lakers/Cavs

I couldn't resist taking a peek at the Lakers' forums after their loss to the Cavs and their 3rd loss in a row. I couldn't help but think of this quote:
What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women...
Of course there are fans blaming the refs. I guess if the officials aren't openly handing them the game like they did Game 7 then they blame the refs. I was glad to see that for the most part they have come to the reality that they only beat the Celtics because they were completely depleted. Without further ado... Enjoy their lamentations....

Why do we even have to bother playing these games, its a waste of everyones time, we know we are going to win, they know they are going to lose, whats the point

I know you're "new" to our fanbase, but you're trying way too hard. It's getting sickening.

I dont like the attitude you guys have I'm becoming a heat fan, good luck against my team this year guys

I will probally turn off the laker basketball for a month if we lose NO REASON at all to loose.Even if we bring half our effort

Favored by 10 1/2. Can't blow this one.

I predict the bigs will dominate this game. They seem to do that very well against scrub teams. Whatever it takes to win, do it.

I don't care if we win by only 1 point, just DO NOT lose to the Cleveland Cavs.

A win of course in LA it was a blow out... Same in Ohio

We win. But if by some sick joke the Lakers were to lose, it's safe to say that some changes are going to be made

There is no way that LA loses

Phil Jackson always says elite teams win 40 before they lose 20. Can we make it?

I'm pretty sure they can outscore us, we dont play that good on defense

We cannot lose this game... If that happened, well, reality itself would implode and we would all cease existing. Therefore, we are going to win.

If they lose seriously call it a rap on the season...

This is one of those games where a lack of energy from the Lakers won't hurt them too bad. The Cavs are that bad.

Kobe Bryant can't handle the basketball anymore

Kobe is like TO magnet recently.

Kobe gone for the first quarter with two fouls and now a technical. I'm loving this start for LA so far.

Lol Bynum is useless. 0 for 5 vs Cavs you gotta be kidding me

Bynum wants more touches, misses a 1 footer

This team has no backbone without Kobe. We're down double figures to the Cavs you gotta be kidding me

You ever get the feeling that some Laker players are playing bad so no one wants them in a trade

Shannon, Blake, and Artest. Hopefully these are your last games as lakers

Awesome first quarter for Cleveland. Making LA look like absolute clowns for the 3rd straight game.

LA Soft-ers...

We are shooting 23%.

Cavs playing with more effort, it's really that simple.. And that's the story of why all these other teams beat us too.

This team is done..don't believe me..LOOK AT THIS GARBAGE..losing to the Cavs..I can deal with losing to the Magic, even the Bobcats, but the Cavs, that's the final straw on this team

Who wouldn't welcome melo/aldrige over pau/bynum after watching this display...

Down 10 to one of the sorriest collection scrubs in NBA history. Nice.

Against our defense every NBA scrub looks like an All Star caliber...

I wish this team had more heart..I shouldn't be stressing out watching the Cavaliers..

2 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 fouls...Bynum is soooo much better than Melo lets keep him till his knees are 600 years old! Yeah!

I can't think of anything worse than losing to the Cavs

Hey Lakers I got news for ya..your playing a team that has a total of NINE wins..your not playing the Celtics OK

TO be fair one of the wins came against the Celtics

Kobe went from MVP candidate to bonafide scrub in a just a matter of three games.

Kobe can't take over anymore, that's where the difference is Old fart

Phil has lost this team. Unreal...

If it takes a trade just to inject some life in this team they don't deserve to be champs period. We're talking about a core that's been together for 4 years, bringing in somebody else isn't the magic elixir. If we could get Melo without giving up size I'm for it, but if it's size that has to go ain't a good trade at all.

I'll trade size for heart any day. Melo shows up every day. This team lacks fire.

Derek Fisher and his stupid ass flopping was the reason AP was wide open for that 3.

Refs doing their best to secure the game for the Cavs.

At this point I'm just interested in seeing if we can do what the Celtics did last year. They got off to a super hot start, then sucked in the 2nd half of the season before having an epic playoff run.

They're not going to do what the Celtics did last year, we simply don't have the mental fortitude like that. The difference is the Celtics come to play with the sole intent to intimidate their opponents, something we never do.

You know what? I am sick of all the excuses. I tried to put a positive spin on everything. I said they would be ok after the Orlando game, and after the Charlotte game, but this one really broke the camel's back. I am done with this team.

Lakers suck, it's really simple. I know for some of you it is hard to accept. The Lakers are done this year, there will be no 3-peat. The Celtics put an end to any hopes at Staples back in Jan, don't think that rematch in Boston was an indicator. That was a fluke, the Celtics were not at full strength, Pierce was sick and he has been playing horrible, you guys really think Artest shut him down? Please....Shaq, Jermaine, West, Nate Robinson and their rookie backup PF were all injured.

This team is an embarassment.

Refs letting them play....then call that BS call

Its amazing that the nba has any fans after rig jobs like this

Gasol is the weakest interior defender in the NBA

Sessions is about light years better then all of our guards outside of Kobe put together.

Lakers have become the laughing stock of the NBA..good job Lakers

Why are the lakers dragging this out? Just take the loss like the pathetic group of quitters you are.

I'm not sure how these refs saw it, but I saw the Lakers blowing out the Cavs. Only difference was the 87 uncalled 3-second violations, 42 uncalled hacks, and just about everything else that would (bleep) up the rhythm of a team.

Remember Boston....WE CAN BEAT TEAMS....

Pierce had the flu, and it was obvious by the way he was (lack of aggressive play). No Shaq, no Jermaine, no Daniels, and a hobbling Rondo. We beat a Boston team that was injured and sick, and we almost lost the game.

Yup, and even then its 1 team. We have yet to beat Miami, Orlando, Dallas and SAS.

Looks like Phil was lying when he said this team was upset after the Bobcat game.

With Phil they are just words, they mean nothing to him..he goes out there and gives the fans what he thinks they want..Phil knows he has lost total control of this team

Lakers have no pride...I haven't seen a defending champ having no pride whatsoever...I bynum for melo~~~~

This game proves there is more wrong than just one player. Getting Melo or not getting Melo won't change a thing.


I Still Believe.

You and Fox Molder are only ones...

I guess I chose the right to day to stop supporting the lakers and become a heat fan