Bill Russell statue to be built in Boston

Boston Globe
The unveiling of a Bill Russell statue in Boston appears to be just a matter of time.

According to Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca, the organization has already begun the process of getting the statue created and placed. And it didn’t hurt Tuesday when President Barack Obama, while awarding Russell the Medal of Freedom, mentioned that such a monument should be erected for future generations.

“We’ve had preliminary discussions with most of the constituencies, and the mayor (Thomas Menino) wants it to happen, President Obama wants it to happen, and,” said Pagliuca, “we’re going to really try to help make it happen.
Now it's only a matter of time, but with Boston and politics that could mean a few years still. No idea why Bobby Orr has a statue in front of the Garden, but not Russell (actually I do have an idea).

Next up: Getting Johnny Most in the Hall of Fame. Why is the Lakers Chick Hearn in the Hall, but not Johnny?