This series is far from over

"We cannot come back here," "We have to think this is our Game 7 coming up and we cannot afford to have the best team in the league have a Game 7 on their floor. Just not possible."-KG
I couldn't agree more with the statement above.  As satisfying as last night's game was, this series is far from over.  We all know what happened last time the Celtics came home after a blowout road win in Cleveland.  Boston got embarrassed on their home court and suddenly the media was back on the Lebron bandwagon.  The Celtics need to close it out tomorrow night and avoid Game 7 in Cleveland at all costs.

I think it's clear right now the Celtics are a better team than the Cavs.  They just have more good players than the Cavs do. It's as simple as that. Kenny Smith made a great point last night when he said the Celtics are like a "leaking wall" because they have so many options that can hurt you.  The Cavs have Lebron and then an assorted group of role players. Speaking of Lebron, I think it's clear now that at this point in his career he's simply not that clutch.  Bird, Magic, and Jordan simply don't get blown out like that. That being said there's no reason he can't explode and win the next two games for them.

I hate that the media is bashing Lebron right now. We don't need to get him motivated.  Game 6 needs to be another blowout from the start.  We need to attack relentlessly and not let the Cavs have any type of hope.  We aren't exactly juggernauts at home, so I'm confused why people think this series is already over.  Sure, we are in the driver's seat, but I won't be comfortable until we're up 25 with about 6 minutes to play.   This next game is our Game 7 and we can't let up for one second or we will be going back to Cleveland. Let's all stop thinking so far ahead and concentrate on the game tomorrow night. Go Celtics!