The Garden BETTER Be Loud for Game 6

I called out the TD Garden's fans for their lackadaisical attitude in the Game 3 blowout at the hands of the Cavs.  If you read the comments in that article, you'll also know I commended them for their effort in Game 4.  After obliterating Cleveland last night, the Celtics are now 1 win away from getting back to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Cavs' confidence is becoming questioned.  The city of Cleveland is notorious for having teams with high expectations that come up short.  This arrogant bunch of dancing buffoons like Mo Williams and Lebron James are about to choke again.  The obnoxious Sideshow Bob and his flopping display is about to be sent home, proving once again that floppers can only go so far.  Hopefully Delonte West's sentence can become expedited and he can serve some jail time or some time at a halfway house similar to Gilbert Arenas for his gun-toting incident.

All of this has the chance to be finished off this Thursday night.

The Celtics need to get off to a great start to exacerbate the Cavs' doubts and permanently shatter that confidence.  If the Celtics build a lead, LeBron's free agency plans may start to dance in their heads.

It STARTS with the fans.  Bring that playoff intensity fevered pitch you're capable of and you can help will the Celtics to victory.  It's the beauty of the home court in the playoffs.  Bring it from the very start and don't wait for the Celtics to trigger it.  You're on the verge of accomplishing something no one thought you would, and one step closer to that 18th Championship banner.  Let's go Celtics fans.  Do your part to help make this the final game of this series and to eliminate these jerks from Cleveland once again.

Let me hear it!!!