NBA Ramblings- April 24th

I know he's the guy that generates the ratings, but I'd love it if TNT would can Charles Barkley.  The stuff he says is incredibly dumb and he's just a really ignorant guy.  He has no grasp on the English language.  Whereas Kenny Smith and Chris Webber articulately convey their points, this jackass babbles on incoherently, uttering whatever comes off the top of his head, no matter how outrageous it may be.......Do you think guys will start flopping on the offensive end?  Like if the shot clock's running down maybe pretend you got poked in the eye to draw a foul?  Refs will almost always go for that call.......Speaking of refs doesn't anyone else think there should be more than 3 officials per game?  There's 10 guys on the floor which means a minimum of 5 matchups at any given time.  How can they possibly see everything that goes on?.......I've already talked about the stupid comparisons of Bean to MJ.  As for LeBron, instead of dancing like the jackass you are at your opponents' expense, why don't you practice your pathetic free throw shooting?  The guy hasn't cracked 80% yet.......One more point that's great: Michael had 48 40+ point games in the playoffs in 179 games.  Bean?  Has had 10 in 178 games........Watching Derek Fisher defend Russell Westbrook has looked like the hapless wildebeests trying to fend off the lions on the Discovery Channel.  Just no shot, he's a real defensive sieve.......Anyone see the end of the 1st half interview with Sager and Fisher in Game 3 of the Thunder vs lal?  Fisher ended it saying "thanks babe" to Sager.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.