Why this win streak is important

The Celtics recent 3 game win streak should make people excited. Sure, the wins have come against less than stellar competition, but the important thing is the Celtics are finally closing out teams. This has been the biggest issue for the Celtics all season.  They look like world beaters one quarter and the Nets the next.  It's down right maddening to watch.  One of the marks of a great team is that they beat teams  they should beat.  I'm hoping the Celtics have finally gotten to that point.

There are other things to be happy about as well. Rasheed seems to be tapering off his three point shooting, at least for now. Garnett looks very good offensively and his jumper is as good as ever. Rondo is the best point guard in the league and dominates the floor everytime he's out there. Marquis is giving us solid minutes off the bench and Ray and Paul are playing better.  It would be great to see Ray and Paul both play well in the same game. It seems like it is either or a lot of times.

The biggest thing to be excited about is Nate Robinson. Sure, he's no Caron, but I get excited when he comes into games.  The Celtics were sleepwalking for a little while there, and he may be just the person they needed to wake them out of their slumber. 

The Celtics need to keep rolling and make sure they can get the #2 seed. The best case scenario for them is Orlando matching up with Cleveland and us playing the Hawks.  I used to think the Hawks would be the toughest team for the Celtics to beat, but I don't think they have the focus to beat us in a 7 game series.  At any rate, it should be a whirlwind end to the season and an exciting playoffs.