NBA Trade Buzz Update III

Update as of 7:30PM: (2/17)
  • Reports are that Jamison is going to the Cavs for Ilgauskas and a 1st rounder. Clippers also involved in the trade.
  • Bulls out of T-Mac sweepstakes, which just leaves the Knicks. Morey will wait until the deadline to get as much as he can from Walsh who is desperate to move Jeffries.
  • Knicks and Wolves complete Darko for Cardinal trade
  • Salmons told to stay home and not play tonight as trade is being finalized
  • Heat and Grizzlies after Roger Mason Jr.
  • Grizzlies willing to trade Conley for a 1st rounder and expiring contract
  • Nate deal not done yet in contrast to reports by Hahn and Murphy. Could be a bigger deal then just Nate for House. Marquis Daniels name has come up.
  • Amar'e is playing tonight which means no deal is close