Ainge coming up on WEEI at 4:00

We'll try and pass on what he's lying about saying. Here's a live stream that is a bit on delay. Stay tuned...
  • I'll be very disappointed if I hear they're not pursuing anything big. They missed the boat on Caron and have to be aggressive now.
  • Ordway babbling right now. I guess Danny isn't ready. They're taking phone calls now. Ordway says the rumor is Eddie and a 2nd rounder for Nate
  • They're not even saying that Danny is delayed or when he's coming on. More phone calls to come. This is a waste of time. Unfortunately we wouldn't have to be looking for a back up point guard every year if Danny would have simply signed Jason Williams. Personally I prefer Augustin over Robinson, but as long as they don't include a 1st rounder in this deal it's a decent trade.
  • Ordway, 40 minutes later, says that "Ainge is apparently busy working on something" so the interview is off at least for now.