Not Letting This Go...

As you probably recall from my post game rant, this past Monday's Hawks-Celtics game was a travesty for officiating.  I'd like to share this compilation with you courtesy of a fellow Celtics fan:

I even mentioned to him how he forgot the clean strip Shelden Williams had on Marvin Williams in the first half (2 more points for the Hawks).

This is inexcusable.  The Lakers and Cavs would never have a game like this officiated at home against a top team.  At the end of the season, if the Celtics don't finish with home court advantage and fall a game or two behind another team, here's reason 1-A as to why.

Why would the league do this?  Is there really any benefit to it?  Are my eyes deceiving me and these calls aren't as egregious as I see them?  Can we start a petition and send it to the league offices?

I'm speechless from this debacle.