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Gerald Alden is the Author of Everything But Belief and a CieAura Game Changer.

"May this book spark passionate hope and continue to light a fire to the millions of bleeding green fans worldwide. Win or lose, Boston Celtics for life." - GA


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Gerald's Profile

I am thrilled to be on board the Celtics Life team! In fact, I think I could do 10-12 KG primal screams right now to express how I feel. Just get me in front of any random Lakers fan and I'll do the rest.

Kidding aside, many thanks to JR for adding me up as one of the columnists here. Coincidentally, my first post felt both dismal and encouraging (They Damn Tried), as it came just a few hours after the Celtics lost to the Lakers in that legendary yet heartbreaking Game 7. I'm thankful that I wasn't alone in how I felt in those moments and I'll never forget how a lot of other Celtic fans were able to relate and made me feel like family. You guys are awes-mazing (awesome and amazing)!

I usually make a random post every week on a particular topic that catches my heart and depending on the pulse of recent events within the Celtics Community.

I currently run my own content providing and copywriting business, The Writer You Want, from the comforts of home or wherever I am as long as there's a phone, internet connection and a computer.

I live in 1 of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines (along with a good number of bleeding green fans) and when not into my business, I either go for a hike, climb mountains, play basketball, do part-time teaching, go for a stroll in the mall, participate in local races, go for a relaxing drive ... or sleep like Garfield.

I believe that the most important thing in life is relationships. And the most important relationship, is one's relationship with God.

I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and am thankful to have a growing relationship with Him.

I believe that the glory of God is man fully alive.