... and Jeff Green. Probably add Delonte West in the mix.

Wow. I must be sick to even mention the man who has no change for a dollar because he only has three quarters. 

Before you prescribe a cure for this guy's membrane gone insane though... since we're lately in the draft and trade talks here and nothing wrong contemplating on the hypothetical, if ever our premier point guard goes out ... this is going to be my wildcard pick, fingers crossed.

I say hypothetical because LBJ's salary is not a laughing matter. But it might work for reasons that are obvious for the Heat and Celtics.

It is always darkest before dawn. LeBron has gone from a rising athlete to one of the most controversial players in the sport. Ask any real fan of the game and it's either you love him with a blindfold on, or hate him with intense hatred. He's also hit rock bottom. A man exposed. I dare not elaborate. Do a Google search on him and 80% of his stuff is more con than pro.

If he has hit rock bottom however (hopefully), then there is no other way to go but up. With the way he plays his game though and with all the lessons he's learned (presumably) from the past, he might be a decent fit as the "Magic Johnson" point guard wearing Green, surrounded by veteran talent instead of an ostrich and a 6'4 guard I admired before but lately lost a huge amount of my respect. And if he plays the wingman, Pierce can be better off coming from the bench.

His addition would immediately give the Cs the power boost it needs in the next oh-so years. Well, with the downside that we have to start loving the guy now and have to bear with the ridicule and scorn of the outside world ... while watching Rondo complement Wade and Bosh's game in South Beach, which is very possible.

Both teams would have a major shake-up, but in the end would still have that problem on who's occupying the center position.

Danny Ainge's already one step ahead of me and could be looking on this angle. Again, he's a guy who ain't afraid to make the big, bold and bada*** moves. If he does give this one a go, and Miami takes it hook line and sinker ... hmmmm ...

Good morning Beantown!

(p.s. remember, "hypothetical")

Gerald Alden 6/23/2011 06:56:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    hell no

  2. Anonymous says:

    if danny did this, he would be another Joe Dumars...

  3. kunzang says:

    well id danny does this..
    den boston will have more bandwagoners than heat!!!
    consider me one just not in favor of boston!!<,
    its DEUCES for real!

  4. Anonymous says:

    it's impossible I bet my head

  5. That picture is great! But in the original game the Heat had their red unis on and the C's had white. lol

    Anyway - LeBrick to the C's? hahahahahaHELL no.

  6. bballee says:

    Well, I'll give you credit for thinking outside the box.

  7. kibitzer says:


    He doesn't fit the C's system nor for what the team stands for. A highly illogical trade. I agree with Kunzang, the C's will have more bandwagon fans just like what happened to the heat(or should I say, as one "fan" created page, the miami heats)

    Lebron - epitome of hard work, dedication and love for the game? Yeah, I'm the crown prince of north korea.

  8. No! NO! NOOOOO! There is no way I want that cancerous egotistical jerk on the Celtics!! No way!!! Even seeing that headline made me a little nauseous.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Miami won't trade Lebron James (for business purposes) They would be absolutely stupid; so no, this will never happen, sorry

  10. Jenda says:

    If it did happen, I have to say (even though I hate to say) it would help the Celtics.
    We'd still have the Big Three for the fourth quarter where James can go home and nobody cares, as a point forward, he could happen to be even more of a matchup nightmare (since every other team would have to play really big to match up with their point guard guarding Ray Ray).
    I'm not saying I want this to happen, I'm not the biggest fan of West, nor am I big on Jeff Green but I have always admired Rondo and I have always loved to see him play. If, however, there is any truth to it, it strikes me as a much better deal than Danny's last attempt to shake'n'bake it up. You know the one I mean.

  11. @Anon - why did you say 'this will never happen, sorry'

    sorry what?! we DONT want this to happen! LOL

  12. Anonymous says:

    Will be good. LeBron has potential to be a legend, he just need to play the 4/4 and the Finals. But here, in Boston, the jersey play alone on the 4/4, is just wear the jersey and you will get the power.

    But I like Rondo a lot, and I think Pat will not accept this trade.

  13. Anonymous says:

    no disrespect. but this is one of the worst article i've read here in celticslife. and i'm sure im on the right site right? CELTICSlife. LeBron is a good (not going to say great) but he will NEVER fit in our C's squad. again, no disrespect to the writer.


  14. Anonymous says:

    For all you people who don't "want" LBJ...that's not the point. The Heat would NEVER trade him. Sorry. Not happening.

    Don't know what you're smoking if you actually think the Heat would give up on LBJ in his prime.

    By the way, anyone who knows the NBA would take LBJ in a heartbeat and live with his "flaws".

  15. JR says:

    Ballsy topic Gerald. I'm 100% sure every GM in the League would do this trade if they were the Celtics, but I completely understand all the Celtics fans against it. LeBron might be the most talented player in the league, but he's a Grade A dick. Hard to root for a guy like that. I LOATHE LeBron and love Rajon, but I like the point your making. If Danny trades Rondo he better get a talent back like Kevin Durant or LeBron James. Man I'd hate to have to root for LeBron. Good news for all Celtics fans is that the Heat would NEVER make the trade.

    Again ballsy topic Gerald. And fantastic pic.

    What about some combination of Baby and Green for LeBron? ;)

  16. Avenue says:

    ok i get were talking hypothetical but listen i dont think this is that bad of an idea i know everyone outside of miami is suppose to hate lebron for what reason im not sure people say because of the decision but i remember espn talkin bout his free agency a year before that season even began and he donated 1 mil to the boys n girls club hes not the bad guy everyone makes him out to be but fuck all that lets go to the court which is what i care about we basically trade rondo for a bigger version of him who can also shoot more consistently than rondo not only that but i refuse to believe that James wouldnt benefit playing under Pierce and Allen who have been clutch 4th quarter players their whole careers and with a strong minded coach like rivers he wouldnt let lebron takes plays off he would keep him attacking idk just my mindset on it but im a huge rondo fan so im against it but i def dont hate it as much as everyone else does

  17. Anonymous says:

    Miami wouldn't trade LeBron for anything. Come on now. If not for the picture this article would be a shambles. No disrespect to the writer

  18. Avenue says:

    biggest difference between rondo and lebron is rondo plays with so much more heart n passion and lebron can shoot better

  19. briana says:

    IF this does happen ( PRAYING it NEVER DOES!!) I will be chucking the deuces!! We just got rid of shaq (finally!) Why would you want to trade Rondo for James.. We want to help the team....

  20. JR says:

    Yeah Avenue, Obviously the Celtics would make the deal. As fans though it's hard to simply root for any laundry. You grow to love players and hate the enemy. So the idea of switching Rondo for Public Enemy #1 is obviously going to get a hell no reaction. I mean even if the hypothetical was Rondo for a likable star like Durant, I'm pretty sure about 80% of Celtics fans would be against it. Celtics fans aren't the only ones. Everyone likes their guys. Except of course Heat and Lakers fans who are simply douchebag bandwagoners :-)

  21. Avenue says:

    exactly i def understand like many years ago when it was rumored that A Rod was coming to the red sox no way in hell we would cheer for that douche no matter how great of a player he is

  22. JR says:

    The worst part about a Rondo/LeBron trade would be that all those Heat bandwagoners that come on here whenever the Heat win but disappeared (quicker than LeBron disappeared) when the Heat lose would all become a Celtics fans. It would be unbearable!

  23. JR says:

    AROD is a great comparison.

  24. Anonymous says:

    this would kill the team. After what Lebron said at the post-game conference of game 6 of the finals it is obvious that Lebron won't change anything and will continue to behave and play the way he behaved until now.
    And what did Ainge ever really do for the Celtics (Garnett and Allen won't count - as Presti got Durant in the draft afterwards and Ainge was the only GM McHale talked to regarding Garnett)?
    Yes, he let go Posey, TA and Perks (our defence was as solid as swiss cheese afterwards)

  25. Avenue says:

    yea i understand, to me though like i said in my earlier post i just think the thought of james learning under 2 of the greatest clutch 4 quarter players of all time and especially pierce would be great for him and us lebron has never really had that veteran leadership on his team to where he can go to and get advice and most people say your prime yrs are from 28 to 32 lebron is 26 im just not tottally against it but i dont hate lebron at all im prolly the only celtic fan who cheered for the heat in the finals but trust when they play us its all hate

  26. Avenue says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  27. Anonymous says:

    I'm a hard core life long celtics fan but if they get rid of Rondo (after the perkins move) and pick up a player that the majority of C's fans despise...Ainge won't be able to show his face in Boston...and I won't be able to stomach watching games anymore. This would be a disaster of epic proportions and Ainge would go down as the NBA's biggest dumb a** of all time. Lebron needs to be benched for a couple if seasons in order to get his head out of his a** and put his ego in check...

  28. Anonymous says:

    nope .

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lebron's Ego is about the same level as any player in the league. Rembember when Charles Barkley said God told him he was the chosen one to win a championship?...bah! No one cares about Barkley. Lets focus on Lebron and think what the media tells us to think.

    Lebron in the Celtics! HELL YEA!!!!!!!

  30. "Lebron's Ego is about the same level as any player in the league."

    You can not be serious. LeBrons ego is incomparable to anybody. Kobe has less of an ego than LeBron. LeBron always wants all of the attention like he is a child. He really is an immature person.

  31. JR says:

    LeBron nicknamed himself the King and tattooed the Chosen One on himslef. His ego is unparalled.

  32. DH says:

    LeBron's Ego is size of the circumference of the earth multiplied by 123,567,345,345,676,345,245,123,546,765,784,345,636,975,653,345. So I don't think we have room for that in the TD Garden.

    If LeBron comes to the Celtics, I will $hit in my hands and wipe it in Danny's face.

  33. JR says:

    Now i want him to come to the C's just to see Danny's face with shit on it! lol

  34. Ashley says:

    That would be the stupidest move Danny Ainge would ever make. LeBron may be a great player at times, but he is a bit of a ball hog and probably wouldn't mesh well with the team, and has no fourth quarter.

    Oh, and he lacks a ring.

    Rondo has a ring, why get rid of a proven champion when you already have him? Rondo may not be the best at free throws whatsoever, but he makes up for that with his steals, assists, and overall agility. LeBron has less of that, though he can shoot well.

    Overall, this would just be a disaster on Danny Ainge's part.

  35. Jenda says:

    OK, DH and there I was thinking you were one of the people who would under no circumstance deliberately shit their own hands. I guess man should never trust his instincts on the internet. lol
    And I repeat, it would be a good trade for the C's, even though James is such an ego with truly gigantic dick. The other way round I mean.

  36. glitterchick says:

    Isn't it a bit late for April Fool's???

  37. Anonymous says:

    Kobe calls himself the black mamba... LOL. Every player in any game has an incredible ego. Hey even you..thats why you post. You want attention. Just like me and everyone else in the world. There's just confident people and weaklings who hide their ego.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Oh wait Kobe has 24.3 ppg avg om his career and Lebron 27.7.


  39. Anonymous says:

    It's a matter of keeping the same celtics, or replacing more and more of them. (like with perkins) This team is almost not even about the big 3 anymore, it's more about rajon rondo, unlike in 2008, when the big 3 were the main attractions. Rajon Rondo is a good compliment to them. We don't need a lebron james. We already got Jeff Green at the SF, who I think is decent. I've said before, Boston needs to make this the big 3's team again by building around them. This Lebron idea is but a product of fantastical, or fanatical thinking, and nothing more

  40. Avenue says:

    did u really just say we dont need lebron james because we have jeff green??? wow

  41. Yogesh says:

    I would instantly stop rooting for the Celtics if this happens.

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. DH says:

    Woaaahhhh Jenda... how would you know about the size of LeBron's dick? Is Jenda and alias for Chris Bosh?

  44. Anonymous says:

    hell no. if danny ainge does this he effing sucks! we need rondo and we deff dont need idiotic douch Lebron James.. KEEP RONDO

  45. Anonymous says:

    L. James: A 5 year old in an great atletic body. I prefer mind than just muscles.

    I would stop watching in Celtics, because Rondo is an amazing part of our identity and pride. Pero no este huevón hijo de p.

  46. Anonymous says:


    So many years it was all about shut down the Howard and LB James ones. Now join with them. Never.

    Where would be the (Celtis)pride.

    NOOOOOO. James to hell.

  47. @JR: good thing i didn't use this pic http://bit.ly/queenforprince ...otherwise sending Celtic fans in outrage mode.

    i know the Heat wouldn't do the trade, but I hope I didn't give Pat a hint here.


  49. Anonymous says:

    I dislike LeBron no matter what color he's wearing. He's got no class and is so full of himself. The world revolves around him or so he thinks. Nooooooooo the Celts don't need this disease. Let some other team deal with this jerk.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I'd like to see this happen, but we can't loose Rondo. If we could trade Pierce instead then we'd be fine but not Rajon.Pierce in Miami would be a good fit for him, off the bench though.

  51. Anonymous says:

    f u.. the C's had pierce 4 long time.. he helped the C's alot.. the big 3 should retire in green, coz they belong in green..

  52. Anonymous says:

    I think amazing with LBJ but not get rid of RONDO HE IS A LEGEND screwing up our NBA team we had a couple years ago get rid of someone that has recently come in since the championship like D west and J Green or something like that but NOT RONDO!!!!!!

  53. Controversial! I like the out of the box thinking! That being said and I've written this before, I'd rather have a guy I like and that isn't as good than someone like Lebron.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    For me, its not so much never join the enemy. It's never join LBJ. If Howard came to the C's I'd be incredibly happy, as long as it wasn't rondo being traded for him. If LBJ came to the C's I'd consider boycotting until he was traded...

  56. Gigi says:

    I know i'm just reading this now, and it makes me sick. Lejerkface's [good]popularity is going out like his hairline.

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