LeBron James to the Cs for Rajon Rondo?

... and Jeff Green. Probably add Delonte West in the mix.

Wow. I must be sick to even mention the man who has no change for a dollar because he only has three quarters. 

Before you prescribe a cure for this guy's membrane gone insane though... since we're lately in the draft and trade talks here and nothing wrong contemplating on the hypothetical, if ever our premier point guard goes out ... this is going to be my wildcard pick, fingers crossed.

I say hypothetical because LBJ's salary is not a laughing matter. But it might work for reasons that are obvious for the Heat and Celtics.

It is always darkest before dawn. LeBron has gone from a rising athlete to one of the most controversial players in the sport. Ask any real fan of the game and it's either you love him with a blindfold on, or hate him with intense hatred. He's also hit rock bottom. A man exposed. I dare not elaborate. Do a Google search on him and 80% of his stuff is more con than pro.

If he has hit rock bottom however (hopefully), then there is no other way to go but up. With the way he plays his game though and with all the lessons he's learned (presumably) from the past, he might be a decent fit as the "Magic Johnson" point guard wearing Green, surrounded by veteran talent instead of an ostrich and a 6'4 guard I admired before but lately lost a huge amount of my respect. And if he plays the wingman, Pierce can be better off coming from the bench.

His addition would immediately give the Cs the power boost it needs in the next oh-so years. Well, with the downside that we have to start loving the guy now and have to bear with the ridicule and scorn of the outside world ... while watching Rondo complement Wade and Bosh's game in South Beach, which is very possible.

Both teams would have a major shake-up, but in the end would still have that problem on who's occupying the center position.

Danny Ainge's already one step ahead of me and could be looking on this angle. Again, he's a guy who ain't afraid to make the big, bold and bada*** moves. If he does give this one a go, and Miami takes it hook line and sinker ... hmmmm ...

Good morning Beantown!

(p.s. remember, "hypothetical")