Celtics Front Line - Best in the League

With the addition of Rasheed Wallace, the return of Glen Davis, the recovery of Kevin Garnett, the continued improvement of Kendrick Perkins, and of course the steadiness of Paul Pierce the Boston Celtics have the deepest, most versatile and BEST front line in basketball, PERIOD.

What the Coach is enjoying right now as training camp has opened is the fact that the Celtics are still flying slightly under the radar in the hype department heading into the 2009-2010 season. And just as they did in 2007-2008 when questions were raised regarding age, chemistry and egos they were all answered, and answered clearly.

The 2009-2010 season has the potential to be on the same level as that Championship season and yes, like all teams in all sports there are questions. The biggest question with this team is, "How great can they be?"

We know the tempo and pace of the game starts with Rajon Rondo and many many big 3's come courtesy of Ray Allen but the front line of the Celtics has the potential to be more than dominant this season and of course it starts with their defense. The communication that is already happening between Garnett, Wallace and Perkins has grabbed both the coaches and their teammates attention and we are only one week into camp.
As we have seen over the course of the last two seasons Pierce has re-dedicated himself to playing both terrific on the ball and team defense. As reported earlier Big Baby has gotten quicker and dropped weight which will only speed up his development as a defensive force. We have all seen what Davis has done on the post to disrupt the likes of Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard on multiple occasions. Baby being able to hedge quicker on pick and rolls and rotate quicker from the weak side will keep him on the court and keep both Garnett and Sheed fresh for the Championship run this spring.

Offensively this is a dynamic front line that is a threat in every way. You have three players in Garnett, Wallace and Davis that fit in the pick and pop mold that has worked so well the last two seasons. The emergence of Davis as a player that can knock down the 18 footer consistently was a huge factor for the Celtics last season. Perk, Sheed and KG can all post up on either block be a threat to score as well as be effective passers to cutters and spot up shooters (COACH is getting real pumped up thinking about this)

Then you have the Truth. He had always been a terrific all around player but had not gotten much credit or attention for it until KG and Ray joined him. Now he is in year three of his magical journey. Pierce has a lot of miles on his tires but with new depth on the front line, along with the addition of Marquis Daniels he should be able to get the rest he needs in order to have a highly productive and efficient season, his 12th with the Boston Celtics. With these teammates Pierce could produce a career high assist numbers as well as field goal percentage.

There is one thing the Coach left out, TOUGHNESS. There will be few layups and dunks had against these guys. The intensity level and pride in protecting the paint will be at an all-time high this season and for the Celtics and it starts upfront.

Coach is starting to get that feeling...we are 25 days away...