We look for hope wherever we can find it. The Boston Celtics have headed to Milwaukee for the first two games of the Eastern Semi-Finals. Now we find Celtics.com reporter Taylor Snow stuck in an elevator there with the number-18 blinking everywhere. Is this a sign of Banner #18 coming to fruition? Damn it, we all hope so.

If this isn't a sign, this is very ironic. Banner #17 came in 2008, and it may be time for another one. Why are the elevator lights blinking #18? Why not #3 - or #17? It may mean nothing , but I will take it. Hopefully Taylor won't be stuck in that elevator too long. Game One starts at 1:00 PM ET tomorrow.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Gwetty Images

Tom Lane 4/27/2019 06:07:00 PM Edit
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