As Celtics head to Milwaukee, reporter Taylor Snow sees sign of impending Banner 18

We look for hope wherever we can find it. The Boston Celtics have headed to Milwaukee for the first two games of the Eastern Semi-Finals. Now we find reporter Taylor Snow stuck in an elevator there with the number-18 blinking everywhere. Is this a sign of Banner #18 coming to fruition? Damn it, we all hope so.

If this isn't a sign, this is very ironic. Banner #17 came in 2008, and it may be time for another one. Why are the elevator lights blinking #18? Why not #3 - or #17? It may mean nothing , but I will take it. Hopefully Taylor won't be stuck in that elevator too long. Game One starts at 1:00 PM ET tomorrow.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Gwetty Images