The Boston Celtics song fest at Boston Children's Hospital is absolutely heartwarming. Chris Forsberg had some interesting takeaways from the event, and I will add a bit to them.

Frankly, there is little I can add to #1 in Forsberg's list. Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens work very hard at this. I have a long history with a very young family member spending too much time in the hospital as a child, and now even as I write this, as a young adult. The visit by the Boston crew was enormous for kids in the hospital, particularly during the holidays.

My grand-daughter, Courtney, at this age pronounced it "Toy Tory"

As for #2, my first take is that I am relieved to see Kyrie Irving does not view Christmas with the same dark view he sees Thanksgiving. I love his green hat. And I love what Kyrie does.

As far as #3, you saw the Woody-from-Toy-Story photo above, and where the Hell did Gordon Hayward get his hat. At least couldn't he have a fake gun on his hip, particularly since he has been shooting much better lately?

Chris' #4 tells me that the Celtics have to find a way to keep Guerschon Yabusele on the squad for a long time. I am sure he has down times, but we never see it. Just his presence on the team brings joy, particularly during the holidays. I even tried yesterday in an article to get Teddie Peanut Butter to get Yabu involved in their ad campaign.

I will add a #5 to Chris' list, but I will allow Red Auerbach to tell it:

His enemies never saw it, but Red truly had a heart. His legacy lives on with Danny and Brad. Now, can Teddie Peanut Butter just give Guersch a call!

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Tom Lane 12/05/2018 09:22:00 AM Edit
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