Last summer, in my plea to CelticsLife to become a writer for them, I sent a writing sample pertaining to the potential trade of Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics. I argued that Isaiah lacked the size and versatility preferred by Celtics boss, Danny Ainge. Danny's question to himself would have to be, "Can we win a Championship with Isaiah Thomas?", with his answer being "Probably not!" Isaiah certainly did not help his cause with his Brinks truck statements. "They gotta bring the Brinks truck out!" had to be an irritant to Ainge (see video below):

Then there were the infamous Brinks truck sandals. The odd footwear showed lots of cash flying out of the back of the truck. Danny Ainge even asked Thomas how much the sandals cost, possibly hinting at what Isaiah might expect in a contract. Thomas had openly stated, "I'm a max guy", meaning he thought he was worth a max contract.

Ainge definitely has a sense of humor, but I am positive that the max guy and Brinks truck talk, aggravated by the actual visualization via the snazzy sandals, did it for Danny. Add all of that to his lack of size and versatility, and Thomas was on his way to Cleveland.

Isaiah is earning $6,261,394 this season and will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. He has played in only four games this season for the Cavaliers, and his performance on the court has not yet come close to what he accomplished in Boston. The Cavaliers are faltering and there is unrest in the ranks. And no one yet knows where Lebron James will be next season.

I doubt the Brinks truck will show up at the Thomas residence. I see no max contract for him on the horizon. Things have not gone well for him since his departure from Boston. If the adverse effects of his hip injury linger, he may have a problem getting a contract at all. That would be tragic for him. I wish him well.

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Video via Hoop Headquarters

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