Jayson Tatum is a new father!

Jayson Tatum looks so young at times off-court, he is still dropping jaws when he rocks old man's game on the hardwood, so when I caught wind of the news he just became a father, I did a double-take.

First order of business - congratulations on behalf of all of us here at CelticsLife, Jayson - I am sure you are the very definition of tired after the 16-point performance in London and the jet-lag it probably gave you flitting back and forth across the Atlantic to return home to this, one of life's finest moments.

Second order of business - if he takes off the game against the New Orleans Pelicans to spend time with his baby, let the guy have his day. I bring this up in case some of you have forgotten about Al Horford's taking time off for the very same reason. Sure, the paychecks are pretty different, but young Jayson is almost as important to Boston's recent success as Al was last year, and given it isn't your money either of them were getting, that's really the only (moronic) gripe to have. Sure, there's a few days between now and then, but he's been in London making sure the marquee matchup was taken care of - so as far as I'm concerned, he's earned it.

Third order of business - get this man some #NBAVotes.

That's all for now - as you were.

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Images: Jayson Tatum
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