All Danny Ainge wants for Christmas is these 2
With the news that the Lakers are out of the Chris Paul hunt and that they've shifted to acquiring Dwight Howard (which they will thanks to the NBA owners idiotic vetoing of the original CP3 deal) expect Danny Ainge to make another strong push for CP3.

We already know the cost for CP3's buddy David West is Jermaine O'Neal and JaJuan Johnson. I could see a JO/Rondo/JJJ/Moore + picks for CP3/West trade now. Not that I want it. I've made my feelings clear that I prefer Rondo at $11 mil over CP3 at $20 mil, but Danny lusts over CP3, so expect that offer to be made. Why are the Celtics favorites for CP3? They're the only team able to pull the trade off now. No other team is willing to trade anything the Hornets would accept for a 66 game rental.

Danny would be better served paying Rondo AND West a COMBINED $20 million a yr, then just Chris Paul $20 million. How can anyone say that just Brandon Roy 2.0 Chris Paul is $20 million better spent?

Wise move on the Lakers to pull out of CP3 talks. They're going to offer that exception and draft pick obtained from Dallas with Bynum for Howard and have a Kobe, Howard, Gasol threesome.

The idiot owners blocking the original CP3 trade did the Lakers a huge favor. With the sad news of Brandon Roy retiring in his mid 20's due to a knee issue, you simply can't mortgage your future all on a 6 foot guard with such bad knees. Howard is the only dominant center in the NBA and is healthy. That prick Kobe is so much better off with a healthy down low duo of Howard/Gasol than he would of been with damaged knees Bynum and CP3.

JR 12/11/2011 12:21:00 AM Edit
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  1. CelticsAvenger says:

    Leave CP3 alone, Rondo is our guy and should stay that way

    Howard going to LA would give me a concussion though, anywhere but LA or Miami, Celtics should make a play then

  2. Reean says:

    Trade for cp3 then trade cp3 for Howard idk how that'll work don't even get west if it's JO And JJ

  3. Daniel S. says:

    Rondo is a Celtics lifer like Pierce if you ask me.

  4. ryan m says:

    GET CP3 NOWWW!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    trading rondo will be one of danny biggest regrets !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the Lakers Period, they aggravate the shit outta me

  7. Anonymous says:

    nooooooooooooooo go back to the original cp3 trade, why does l.a. get everything their way

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Chris Paul. I love the guy but we dont need him. Go with the original David West trade talk

  9. J says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Gotta bad feeling that Rondo/J Oneal/ J Green and both rookies are off to the Hornets for two players with bad wheels( knees) There are people that will disagree with me strongly about this and that's fine; to each his own, but I don't like it. We would be giving up way too much. I'm a Rondo fan and while CP3 is great his just not my choice. CP3 has already said he won't sign on with Boston after this season if traded so we'd only have him for a season while we already have a guard who WANTS to be here. And as far as David West goes- didn't we trade Kendrick Perkins who had the same injury that he's coming back from?? Just not a good deal to me. We'd be giving away too much just for a year. Just my opinion.

  11. J says:

    No 1 said JaJaun was certain to be included for West, said both their names were discussed, could be Moore

  12. We have NO FREAKIN CENTER! Why does everyone EXCEPT Ainge see that. If the golden child goes I'm going with him. Tired of Danny's stupid moves. Smh

  13. Anonymous says:

    LEAVE RONDO HERE!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! This is so annoying! This would be a completely idiotic trade. First off, theres only 7-8 days til the preseason starts. No point in trying to mess up the whole core and chemistry of this team. Rondo's been with the Celtics his whole career. He's really proven himself, he's matured as seen in his recent interviews.......after all this, Danny's just gonna turn around and trade him?
    Danny almost really lost my respect after the KP trade.
    This...if it happens... I don't know. Danny's great and all and CP3's a really good player but to me, Rondo just seems like a better fit. I would not be too happy with Danny and I would (Although I'm a Celtics fan...for life.) I would hope this would come back and slap Danny in the face so he'd stop taking all these big risks. It Is not going to work every single time!! KG and Ray trade = amazing how it worked out. Not every big trade will work this way for the Celtics.
    I don't know. -.-
    ....didn't mean to rant, guys! haha

  14. ben says:

    no to cp3 unless he signs an extension. other wise i hope he gets traded to cleveland or toronto.

  15. J says:

    I dont like this trade idea at all. Throwing away our future if you trade Both rookies, possibly a Jeff Green..for two guys with Knee problems, possibly for 7 months. Please move on Danny

  16. chris glynn says:

    If we trade for cp3, dwight will get traded to another team or stay with the magic, either way he isn't goin to sign an extension and hell sign with the celtics in 2012.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @glitterchick LOL. "golden child" i likeee

  18. Anonymous says:

    DO IT!!! this is the year of the CELTICS 2012!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me? Why would you even consider trading Rondo, he is the key in scoring to the Celtics. We don't need Chris Paul as much as we need Rondo. He has Celtic in his blood and trading him away is a mistake. Jeff Green too, he is a rookie but he has a bright future. Something is just messed up with Danny Ainge.

  20. Jay says:

    CELTICS 2012...YAY?...& then do you want to watch a bad team for the next 5 years, if we trade all of our young talent away for two guys with knee problems?

  21. Anonymous says:

    KG and RAY and CP3 are off the books so you can sign a star caliber player maybe 2 and I dont really care this is our last chance with the BIG 3!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    ^ i only want one of them, DAVID WEST

  23. g says:

    lol at the guy who thinks jeff green is a rookie

  24. Anonymous says:

    LEAVE RONDO Send cp3 to the lakers all we need is a center i love KG but he got 3 years left in him lets be real we have to let him get some rest for the last quater... AINGE get PERKIN again you dork

  25. RYAN M says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Danny already eff'd up last year by trade Perk for Green. And i sense he hasn't learnt from his past trade and will do the same with Rondo. He better not screw it up, or he'll be losing a lot of rondo fans. I've been a Boston Fan 4 life and rondo has been my fav. player on the team. The celtics Go as Rondo goes, so we must recognize that the kid has talent. I like what our team is beginning to look like; West and a solid centre and we got this beetches!

  27. asdf says:

    I think JO for David West isn't a bad deal.

    But Rondo for CP3 is very bad deal.

    Come on Danny, do not make any move that you'll regret like perkins+nate trade!!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Is there any way we can get danny to listen to the fans before he screws us all over again? Chris paul may be a good point guard, but he doesn't have the heart of a true celtic. the day i see chris paul, return from an injury the way rondo did in the same game, i'll respect him.

  29. Anonymous says:

    stupid people here still dont understand we won the title in 2008 thanks to the BIG 3 not thanks to rondo...

  30. Anonymous says:

    stupid is as stupid does. den i guess you're a fan of the medals and not the team. the big 3 couldn't have done it without Rondo wise a$$

  31. Anonymous says:

    maybe but I bet you they could have won 3 with CP3 instead of rondo but why lost time with a person that is just a fan and doesnt know $h&t about basketball

  32. Anonymous says:

    Question...WHAT THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK CP3 WILL BRING IN A RING??? Either way you look at it the C's are about to enter into a rebuilding phase like it or not! Chris Paul had his chance to lead a team to the championship and DIDNT DO IT so WHY do you think he will do it in Boston? He's NOT staying in Boston after this season! Get the hell over it! I mean damn where the hell is the faith in the talent that we already have in our own point guard?! Oh and for the person who said that Chris Paul beat the Lakers all by himself, who the FUCK CARES!!! The Lakers still got past the Hornets 4 games to 2 and moved on to the next round so....

  33. Anonymous says:

    So i take it you're a 5 time all star? lol Everyone's entitled to have their own opinion i guess, everyone's entitled to be stupid. some abuse the privilege =B It's Rondo's team.... if it wasn't for the misfortunes of the past years, we'd have a ring or 2 more.

  34. Jay says:

    If Danny makes that trade it is going to fuck up the chemistry no question. Please dont.Go get West please without trading JaJaun.

  35. Kevin Maloney says:

    Celtics should go with the youth and the strengths of Rondo! O, because he is getting better in all his aspects each time he plays? His defense is incredible and knows how to pass and spread the court with dribbles and good takes and even goes up to dunk it if he can get it easy himself or bang it on them if they are underneath and not there in time!

  36. philip sheehy says:

    the celtics are definitely not the favorites to sign CP3. this is a total farce, but an effective way to generate rampant speculation in the comment section. well played.

  37. ThomasJ says:

    JR - respect your work here and I know you want to make your point but do you need to round Paul's salary from $16.4 to $20? Then round Rondo's from $10 to $14. Comparing Paul to Roy is weak, too.

  38. Anonymous says:

    CP3 and DWest...fuck yea Danny make your move.

    Imagine if Knicks or Miami get DWest and CP3...we're fucked so make the move. Jujuan Johnson and Etwan Moore wouldnt be playing anyways so make the damn deal.

  39. Anonymous says:

    ^ neither the knicks (the knicks could barely afford Tyson Chandler) nor miami can afford cp3 without them doing a serious trade and the problem with that is they'd have to let go of one of their new acquired superstars to do it

  40. I would much rather have Rondo... CP3 is not a good fit in the Celtics defense.

  41. JR says:

    Thomasj, rondo makes 11 mil a yr. Chris Paul is eligible to sign a max contract of 5yrs/102 million, so 20.4 million a year. I rounded down. I don't make stuff up.

  42. JR says:

    Regarding Brandon Roy and Chris Paul, everything I've read points to a good chance that Paul will end up with bone on bone knees. So more like Wally szczerbiak, but I compared to Roy bc Roy was a better player, so a better comp for someone of Paul's class. I think Paul will be healthy this yr, but I'd be scared to be paying him over 20 mil a yr through 2017.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Rondo played for phoenix before boston and we traded for him. Rondo and dwill are argueably the best playmakers but rondo has proven he could only hit buzzer beaters and not free throws or 10 foot shoot..hes one dimensional ..cp3 can score and pass

  44. Anonymous says:

    Where is everyone getting these facts ?? Do you guys only watch the celtics or do you follow basketball as a whole because im a celtics fan til death.do us part but this a game and at the end of the day every coach and gm would trade rondo for cp3..we arent going to win another ring with this group and rondo is the piece that has trade value..whoever said cp3 wouldnt work for the celtics..hes been in the top 5 every year in steals right up there with monta ellis rondo and lebron..cp3 would be betta off cause he wouldnt have to power through the paint to score because pierce is usually the swingman with garnett waiting for a lob pass with allen already positioned for the shot and the center is trynna get garnett more space..cp3s job is the same as rondos..but cp3 can.shoot that 3 and expect a play where cp3 would be running around like rondo wouldve been doing..this trade better happen

  45. Anonymous says:

    Sam Cassel was more of an influence in the 2008 finals. Rondo hadnt arrived yet

  46. João P says:

    excuse me guys but you can't be serious! I like rondo but come on... Cp3 is a much better scorer than he is and we sure need someone to score! (just look at last season).
    Not to mention that it would take a lot of pressure from PP and ray because of the way teams usually play defense on us constantly giving rondo room for his shaky jumpshot.
    I know he's older and the knee problems don't help either but I have to believe that if Ainge is trying to ge him so hard it's because he knows he can persuade him to sign that contract. And if we look past the big three era it's obvious that Cp3 will attract much more (and better) players than rondo...
    I admire rondo for what he brings to the floor and for all his grit and pride for being a celtic but cp3 is worth the effort. He's simply the best point.g since magic and imagine what would be like having 5 scorers and thight defensive players at the same time on the floor (CP3,ray,pierce,green or bass, garnett). we just need a solid bench and #18 is behind the corner.
    GO C's

  47. Anonymous says:

    keep rondo and jajuan (they are the future) forget cp3 we need a center! danny please dont mess this up because of your man crush on cp3! get west! i have a feeling danny is going to throw away everything for cp3

  48. Anonymous says:

    but hed throw away our young guys and our draft picks doesnt seem worth it but you made a great point, Joao P

  49. g says:

    So jeff greens a rookie amd rondo played in phoenix
    ... real knowledgable fans in here

  50. philip sheehy says:

    @g - are you surprised? the author of this post claims "I don't make stuff up", yet claims that the Cs are somehow the "favorites" to land CP3. scour the internet and you won't find a single credible source which is making the same brazen claim. the league wouldn't approve the acquisition of k-mart, scola, odom, dragic, and picks. but here comes celticslife with an offer that isn't as attractive, centered around rondo (which demps turned down already), and green is out of the picture (b/c he just got signed; cannot be traded for months). makes sense to me! david stern will fast-track that in a heartbeat, right?

    like i wrote before, it's an effective way to generate speculation in the comment section. well played.

  51. Anonymous says:

    who ever said rondo was from phoenix is an idiot, and dwill isnt even that good

  52. Anonymous says:

    DWill isnt that good?! WTF have you been smoking?

  53. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  54. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  55. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  56. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  57. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  58. So you don't think the LAKERS would go after Howard if they got cp3? I think that is what the owners were afraid of seeing CP3 was going to the Lakers for Odom who has proven to be worth a late first round pick

  59. Anonymous says:

    i rather have jjj than david west honestly. jjj has the potential to become the next kg. And i agree with keeping rondo. Just watch ainge will f everything up for the c's this year

  60. Anonymous says:

    I like all the people that are smart enough to see something that Ainge is too stupid to get. We lost the last two years because we didnt have a healthy center, and he hasnt done crap to get one. No center, no championship, end of story. Check the numbers CP3 is only better than Rondo in scoring and only because he plays with bums and has to do the scoring that we dont need from Rondo because we have other scorers. WE NEED A CENTER....

  61. Anonymous says:

    If Danny trades Rondo were fucked enough said

  62. Anonymous says:

    no way we have rondo he is better

  63. Anonymous says:

    Like CP3 said......WOW! Shit or get off the pot. I just want to know what we are gonna be working with!

  64. mlj says:

    who cares about Boston and the ginger fans. LA runs sh!t. Lakers 4 Life. Fuck you Gingers. LA all DAY. Paul Pierce needs a wheel chair and his street pass in ingleWOOOOOD got taken away. Rajon Rondo looks like schmiegel from Lord of the Rings. Ray Allen got an alien forehead and KG has type 2 degenerative leg syndrome. Plus Doc Rivers has a drinking problem.

  65. fuck you says:

    you're fucked already douchebag

  66. FUCK YOU says:

    Paul Pierce is a bum who cares about him. Kobe 4 Life bitches!!!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely, No Big Baby ? Now what ? Scrubs ? We need a great center. PURSUE DWIGHT HOWARD NOW...............or watch other teams kill us in the paint.!

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