Via Chris Forsberg:

MRI on Krstic came back negative. Nenad has a bone bruise and is listed as day to day.
This is good news for the Celtics because it seems like their best shot at Banner 18 is having the three headed monster at center. With Jermaine back in action, and the other two big men expected back soon things are still looking positive for the postseason.

Jesse Dampolo 4/02/2011 02:53:00 PM Edit
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  1. DH says:

    Thank goodness Curly is ok!

  2. Great news!
    At least now the big men from the opposing teams will know that there will be one 7-foot center from our team whose face they can continue to splatter...and at least one point within each game when they can get all their free points in to make them look better than they really are.
    Whoopee !!
    What a wonderful wonderful world this must be.

  3. wordaapp says:

    Thank you basketball gods.

  4. Gary Trent says:


  5. make pretend nenad,

    Just do it on the court, Baby.
    Just do it on the hardwood.
    last time we saw u...u scored "zero" pts; and grabbed a grand total of "one" rebound. And got scored on at will.
    Don't do it on the computer. Just do it on the court.
    Then we'll have no problem applauding you.
    But don't make us look soft. Ain't happening.
    I'm already taking too much flak from the LA creeps about how soft we've become at center since losing Perk.
    Don't blog about it...be about it.

  6. Broots34 says:

    Awesome. Worried of the celtics record lately. Not sure of what exactly it is, post trade,exhaustion,new guys whatever. Still have faith in banner 18. They need all the big men they can get. Go Celtics!!!

  7. lol @wayne..."dont blog about it...be about it"
    talking like lil weezyy much?? haha but i agree wid ya!!!!
    5 on dat!

  8. JR says:

    This is very good news. I think Kristic can be a solid 15-20 min back up center and when he returns that should end up being his role.

  9. Anonymous says:

    next game: 15 pts-10 rb

  10. This is good news. Hopefully Shaq is back before/or for the game vs the Bulls cause we wont beat them w/ONE center.

    @wayne - That was his stat line for the game when he got injured, what point are you trying to make? Everyone will have good games and bad games. And about your 'he got scored on at will' comment, we ALL know he isnt a good defender - but give him time to learn, i mean - he does have KG playing beside him so im sure he will learn how to play some D - am i right?

  11. 3 healthy centers = 18 fouls

    If Shaq can play 20, JO can give about 25, and Krstic just takes whatever is left OR comes in because of foul trouble... that's pretty damn good.

    If Glen Davis has to play serious minutes at center it hurts the team.

  12. coco says:

    Agree...BBD was exhausted at center without krstic around. We do need all three of them (Shaq, JO and Krstic) healthy to keep legs fresh.

  13. Coach Bo says:

    The incessant whining around the Interwebs about the deal that shipped out our six-points, seven-boards overpaid-like-nobody-this-side-of-Lon-Kruger center is old, people.

    Wherever will we turn to replace Bill Russ ... oops, Kendrick Perkins, the King of the Illegal Screen.

    I hate today's NBA. Too many tahds wrapped more up in their favorite player than in the team.

    Great news about Krstic. The shit said about him around the Webs makes me furious.

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