Comments from the Other Side - Hawks 4/1

It's amazing how this team can forget how to play basketball from one quarter to the next.  In the 3rd quarter, the Celtics built a lead by moving the ball and finding the open man and playing team ball.  In the 4th they forget all about playing as a team and go into hero ball mode.  The fact that Hawks fans voted Big Baby player of the game speaks volumes.  They are right about one thing.  The Celtics miss Perk.  They are missing a presence in the paint.  If Shaq comes back and is effective, they'll be ok.  But if not, they won't go far in the playoffs.   There are plenty of "old" comments, "why are there so many Celtics fans?" comments and of course, the wheelchair comment. 

Time for the Hawks to treat the Shamrock crew like an irate haberdasher in the front row at Philips.

Starting Collins is an awful decision smoove cannot cover pierce

The C’s are old, injured, smaller and most nights seemingly sputtering to the playoffs. Except those times they are not, like last night’s W at San Antonio without Shaq and with Krstic leaving the game early

I think the C’s still have serious issues without Perkins. Hopefully those issues are serious enough that the Hawks can take advantage tonight.

The Hawks will lose by 25 tonight. The Celtics went to San Antonio and spank the Spurs last night The Hawks have a habit of coming out flat when they’ve had a few days off.

Nationally televised games have not gone in our favor for the past few seasons (usually blowouts) but I have a feeling tonight will be different. The C's played a good game last night, hopefully they are good and tired for us, our guys are well rested so no excuses.

Oh and the game tonight will be in 3d tonight for my fellow 3D TV owners

*imagines smoove's gut in 3d*

Celtics have been reeling since the Perk trade and are on the tail end of a back to back where they are notoriously bad so if they lose it's going to be a "meh" victory for the Hawks by national media

Tony Parker was absolutely killing the Boston D in the first half by driving, which makes me wish even more Teague would get some time

Then they adjusted the defense and totally shut TP down in the 2nd half At that point Rondo took over.

Here's to Kirk remembering how much he hates Rondo from their little scrum during the epic Bulls Series

I predict a victory for the Hawks Hawks are more talented than a team in decline.
Celtics are more suited for the nursing home and social security checks than a basketball court with a team of talented Hawks. A team of mercenaries that fake pounding chests and showing feelings, that can’t even hold on to their home grown talent.

The last trade made this team weak and they will look old.

Boy, I hope these guys have tired legs tonight.

I swear, I've heard more talk about "best friends" getting traded this season than in all previous seasons of fandom combined. Are we suppose to feel oh-so-bad for Rondo losing his buddy?

I feel bad for him in that he’s still criminally underrated.

They should put the Zaza Headbutt and Nique beatdown on the jumbotron for inspiration

Irk did draw the game winning charge in Chicago, and he’s definitely helped push the tempo. He is also one of 2 or 3 Hawks who aren’t soft. At least brings that to the table which will be valuable in the playoffs.

Lets see how he does against Rondo

No one does good against Rondo

Why do I follow John Hollinger on twitter? He just tweeted of the huge ovations for the Boston intros

What the heck? Now our coach changes his mind on the starting lineup between intros and tip?

Wow. How many Celtics fans are in the arena.

All them damn Celtic fans

Man its like 70 percent Celtic fans

Marvin Williams is manhandling Pierce

I hate when the coaches are mic'ed It always feels like my team has the worst of the two coaches.

Seriously...Paul Pierce can DIAF.

Lol he tried to sell that call for a flagrant foul

Somebody go get the wheelchair

West always kills us

Another guy I can't stand, and not necessarily for rational reasons Kind of nice that they’re all sort of gravitating to Boston and Miami, though. Makes hating them a little easier.

In other news...Paul Pierce apparently has a tapeworm. Or AIDS. He looks really thin.

Joe is telling Pierce to lay of the glazed doughnuts and instead he might want to try lifting those heavy ones at the gym.

That lane has turned from a side street to an 8-lane expressway with Perkins out of the picture. It’s a night and day difference.

John cena wearing a pierce jersey

Watching O'Neal suck brings me joy.

JO is more washed up than the Japan tsunami.

Jermaine O’Neal is the last guy you want to get into a fight with. I know this guy personally…

Jermaine oneal will kill you with his big a$$ head

Horford is struggling against GREEN

Is it bad that Big Baby has better shooting form than Smoove?

JO is really hippy on his screens

Crawford is finally starting to find his “mojo” again. This is nice to see. I haven’t seen Jamal play like this since last season.

Smh horford struggling with big baby

Big fatty is too big for Al

Good foul, make Rondo make free throws

That was some serious flopping from Rondo there. He must have been studying Ginobili closely last night, and taking notes from Pierce.

This is most likely a loss. We are only in the game because of shotmaking and that is not the way you win. Jamal and everything that comes with him is fools goal.

Rondo is making Hinrich look awful out there.

Kirk is getting his ass handed to him on D tonight

Imagine Bibby there and re-think your statement.

JT was getting his ass handed to him by West when he was out there

He's getting run off a lot of screens On top of Rondo being a fast little sucker.

KG will blow out a knee to not let that after-whistle basket go in

The crowd makes me want to throw up. So sad.

Josh acting like kg doesn't have a jumper…yes josh he shoots better than you

Does it look like the “smoove” is in awe of KG?

I think Hawks will struggle in the second half because they will be tired. LD needs to be careful how he manages the minutes…

Celtics played last night they should be the tired team

Some day, I'd really like to root for a team that makes good halftime adjustments

It wont be for this team anytime soon

Doc Rivers is a very smart coach. He knows that if they give the “smoove” a shot, he will launch it. He’s killing us now. In a few the whole team will get stupid if this continues..KG is making him look like an idiot.

Joe, if there are 3 guys on you, there is a teammate open somewhere...

Does Joe not realize hes killing us right now No he doesn't, I don't know why I care anymore

How come Ray Allen can come around a screen and feed Big Baby for a layup, but Joe Johnson can’t come around screens and feed Al for layups?

Sounds like the crowd is cheering everytime the C’s score!!

LOL @Al with the stare down after he got his shot block by 6′2 West…

Herding cats That’s the feeling I get playing with Joe and Josh would be like.

Hate to say this but this game is over. When Ray Allen is dunking in the game – it’s a wrap. Our play and body language are all over. It’s like the Celtics had rest and we were on a back to back.

Joe bricks an open jumper. Pierce makes that shot about 80% of the time.

JOE JOHNSON is the worst NBA signing since JON KONCAK.

Its literally a home game for the Celtics

Sucks that our guys will be winded while doc kept his guys fresh..

Down 6.. Wow. Hit the paint hard. Perk is not home..

Were lucky That Boston second unit is pretty crappy now with Jeff Green being their best player off the bench,

The Hawks are playing like they are scared of the Celtics’ interior defense. PERKINS DOESN’T PLAY FOR THEM ANYMORE. WHO THE F*** IS GOING TO BLOCK YOUR SHOT? TAKE THE BALL INSIDE DAMMIT.

Horrible shot by Joe. Thanks for the bailout foul, Sasha Pavlovic

I wonder the BB IQ of the Hawks collectively would reach triple digits ?

Al Horford: where hawks bailout calls happen.

The back to back has kicked in

Those old legs get tired easily :) I was actually in law school while Paul Pierce was at Kansas – and that was an entire career, back to school, graduate degree, and new career ago – it’s kind of amazing his limbs haven’t fallen off by now.

With about 3 minutes to go, Al has 14 and 14 while Jeff Green has 4pts and 0 rebounds. Hope they us tonight’s analysis when they renew contracts.

They're some surly vets

Pierce is going to get stabbed again

When was the last time Joe had 10 fts

If the C's win, blame Joe These guys are tired and you won’t give Al the ball.

If the Hawks win, blame Big Baby

I love to see big baby fail

Those Atlanta Celtics fans are out in force

No way the Celtics get dominated on the boards like this if they still had Perkins. And to think they traded him for Jeff Green, who pretty much just looks like Marvin on a bad day… wow. One of the worst trades ever.

Boston miss Perkins BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love ESPN. Final line; Boston loses. Instead of Atlanta wins. Horrible game by Joe. He maes 126 million by the way

Sorry, but I can’t look at this as a quality win. They played well against Orlando as a team. Against the Celtics, they won because two players played great and the opposing team played like sh-t.

Even if the Celtics “lost this game” it is still good for us to get wins like this with the playoffs just around the corner.

Player of the Game has to go to Zaza and Big Baby. They willed us to victory!