R. AllenG25:394-61-26-6+160620100015 
  R. RondoG22:224-81-112-15+180152101221 
  J. O'NealC14:451-20-02-6+614010102
  M. DanielsF28:335-92-22-2+280730202314 
  K. GarnettF14:493-30-02-2+1306220101
  S. Erden31:283-70-01-2-148420124
  N. Robinson27:526-122-49-15-111522110323 
  V. Wafer25:564-63-33-4-150323100114 
  L. Harangody24:443-90-30-0-1324010102
  M. West12:000-20-00-0-2311120002
  G. Davis10:102-50-01-2+501100014
  A. Bradley1:430-00-00-0+2000000000

JR 10/15/2010 11:31:00 PM Edit
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  1. ronit07 says:

    yea love the end with nate gives a block to sonny lol we are looking good

  2. Anonymous says:

    how does nate miss 6 free throws

  3. Sebastian S. says:

    When have you ever seen Rondo making 12 of 15 on the Free throw line? Thats amazing.

    With that ability were mucho closer to banner 18.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Semihh did well,it had to sleep at 5 am in the morning to watch the match live but it definetely worth it.(((: Love you Seemmiihhh ilaykarabay

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