Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 10/15

The Raptors fans used to have the Celtics at the top of their hate list but it appears that the Heat (or as the sig that I included in the comments says, the Cheat) have taken that spot. I think Raptors fans have a grudging respect for the Celtics this season because they know that the Celts are the best chance to take out the Heat. That may change as the season goes on, but right now, the Heat are Public Enemy #1. For the most part, Raptors fans spend a lot of time trashing their own team. It's sad, but they are already looking forward to the draft and talking lottery picks. I think my favorite comment was about how KG without emotion is like Popeye without his spinach.  He might have something there.   And now, here are today's Comments from the Other Side...

Good test for us, since BOS increased their starters mins.
But the sad part is that our bigs can't handle their bigs.

We'll get killed defensively, but at least it'll be entertaining

We should also predict how many blocks JO's gonna get on us. Probably 2-3 by halftime.

I hope Shaq or JO smack Bargnani to wake him.

Tonight's game is gonna end real ugly...for the raps.

Must win pre season game

This new tech foul rule is BS
Walking from the ref saying no is a tech

Our bigs outplaying there bigs
Too bad our guards have been doing squat on both ends of the floor.

Wow Allen is sitll alive ...

Rondo fakes Bargs out of his pants there.

Name one big man that he wouldn't fake out of his pants, guy is quick.

KG is an asbolutely terrible rebounder now. He can barely get off the floor

Kleiza doesn't run, he rumbles!

I like the look of this Celtics team if they can stay healthy. Big IF.

KG not being able to express emotion when he plays is like Popeye with his spinach.

Ray's stroke so pure..

Doc has Nate Rob caged like a beast, keeps him hungry then releases him

When did Quis become a shooter?

I have no idea what we're trying to do on offense. It seems like we're trying to free up space for our shooters who can't shoot.

We look like school kids every time we play Boston.

ImageNate's hangtime makes me jealous
This team will be bad this yr bros, better stock up on the alcohol

Right now our defense is better than our offense.

Rondo hits a 3 at the buzzer, Daniels hits one + the half court. Thats 9 points of good chucking by Boston ... Defense is better then what the score says ...

I didn't say our defense was good, it just happens to be better than our offense.

Nate coast to coast...classic raps defense

Fat Infant is so annoying

Celtics scrubs >> Raptors starters

Thing is...this is why I think the Cs are underrated. The Raps are likely a 25 win team. If the end of your bench can outplay the starters of a 25 win team...then you have a VERY good bench.

Letting a midget get a clear path and a layup in the paint is unacceptable

Boston announcers say that triano looks like he should be explaining an annuity or dissecting a frog. Burn.

Boston bench outscoring our starters again

Check out Charles Oakley. He projects more toughness sitting there as a middle-aged man than any Raps player on the roster. Sad, really.

So did Marquis just learn to shoot 3s in one offseason?

Loook at the goofy roster Celtics have out on the floor, and raptors are struggling with them, I've got no hope for the season.

Erden + Harangody has to be the worst frontocurt in NBA history lol

JO looks like a runt sitting next to Shaq.

Wow, we are a BAD team, even worse than I thought we were. This is going to be a long season.....

Not much to say – the Celtics 3rd stringers are clocking the Raptors…any Raptors…starters, bench, you name it.

Marquis Daniels looks like Lil’ Wayne’s older half brother…

Considering we don't have a legit starter on the team, it's easy to see why our starters can barely keep up with their subs.

No Shaq, no Pierce.....down 20. Lol

Bargs needs to stop taking jumpers and take it inside.

Taking it inside vs Harangody or Baby is different from taking it against KG

Lol @ garnett, hes like a hyped up kid in a candy store

This is just painful to watch, the Raptors are playing so bad right now. Brick after brick being thrown up. Meanwhile the Celts are going half speed and still blowing them out.

All of a sudden the refs have swallowed their whistles on the Celts compaints after every foul.

They point to the complaining as a delay of the flow of the game, and then they check a replay call on who should be taking the FT in a 20 point game.....sheesh.

Devlin sounds so dead on the inside right now, not that I blame him.

If you had to watch Jose get brutalized by Rondo on every possession, you'd feel that way too. Guy just wanted to call a game, got a trip to Afghanistan instead.

You know things are bad when the crowd wants Shaq rather than Pizza now.

The Raps fans have a hit a new low... Chanting `We want Shaq``... Pathetic!

Nice to know that the Celtics will continue to get the home calls even on the road
How many Raptors would get minutes on this Boston Celtic Team? 1? 2?That’s how lacking we are in talent.

NBA doing a good job getting the fans to hate the refs even more than they would hate the Heat.

Wow, rondo, that move faked me out too, lol

Boston lineup now costs what, 8 mil in total per year? Jeez

This is the longest quarter ever. Raps have committed more fouls this quarter than I thought was possible.

Is Erden the only thing seperating Harangody from the nickname “Token”? Just wondering

LOL Hey we’re Boston, we got an open roster spot – Let’s take the Irish guy that played for Notre Dame

Banks! We found our pg of the future.

LOL Nate went down like he was shot!

Weems clotheslined Nate.

Rap scrubs showed the Raps starters what hustle and effort are.

I like the comeback, I still remind myself it's against their third-stringers.

Lost, but at least it was respectable in the end thanks to the super scrub unit