Celtics Escape Raptorland with a Win Inspite of a Crazy Finish

The ghost of Celtic past seemed to haunt the visitors at Air Canada Centre tonight.

In a game, whose only highlight was supposed to be the Toronto fans chanting "We Want Shaq" late in the 2nd quarter and Shaq waving to the crowd, and Charles Oakley guest commentating in the first half... what was a 29-point lead ended in a sloppy and crazy finish for the Green and White.

With Sonny Weems' on fire and the rest of the Raptors guys on the floor, the lead dwindled down to 10 with just 2 minutes left. Then it went down to 7. Then to 5. Then to 4 (114-110). Then... Red Auerbach probably intervened and the home team failed to execute in the closing moments, inspite of the dazed and confused play of the visitors.

Boston won, 117-112 and continued its dominance over Toronto in the preseason.

The lithuanian launcher, Linas Kleiza, resurrected his game tonight with 15 points and some good shooting, in contrast with his invisible performance in his last game against Boston.

It was great to see Rajon Rondo become extra aggressive in his defensive game and on the break, particularly connecting on a three-point play early in the third and coming up with 21 points. Entertaining to see Nate play his heart out, lead his team in scoring tonight, and even come up with a blocked shot, even though he and the BBM 3rd String allowed the Raptors to come back in the last couple of minutes.

As for Jermaine, Luke and Semih, I still think they look lost out there. Just my take but I know they'll get better... hopefully as the season evolves.

Boston improves to 5-1 in its preseason tour.