Paul Pierce doubles down after soft fans call out his clap back at Knick fan trolls

Paul Pierce has been giving the New York Knicks and their fans the business for decades now. One would think that New Yorkers would revel in the friendly bantering, but it's 2024, so of course some need to be offended or upset and voice their displeasure on the safe space of social media.

This harmless, silly tweet which was no different than a playful gone fishing pic, got fans in an uproar:

Then when fans complained about the jersey being Jalen Brunson's, who broke his hand in the second half of Game 7, falsely assumed Pierce was targetting the injured guard, Paul double downed on his poking.
Rivalries are a fun part of sports. Red Sox vs Yankees. Celtics vs Lakers. Bruins vs Canadians. UNC vs Duke. And on and on. Let Pierce have fun. As long as you're not physically attacking other fans or sending players and/or their families violent threats, it's all just part of the fun of being a fan of sports.

And sports let's be honest is a great distraction from the harder realities of life. In case you think Pierce had more nefarious intents, he clarified today with his retweets.

It should be noted that it wasn't only Knicks fans whining about Pierce. It's become pretty endemic. Even some Celtics fans were "embarassed" by Pierce. I noticed this new phenomenon of some Celtics fans crying about others poking fun at rivals around 2020 when even mocking opposing players like Kyrie Irving or LeBron James became out of bounds to this new contingent of soft fans.