Kristaps Porzingis could return as soon as Game 4

The Celtics game 1 win was not the only good news for Boston fans last night. Prior to the game Adrian Wojnarowski reported for ESPN that Kristaps Porzingis could return to the Celtics line-up nas soon as Game 4 in Indiana. That would be a pretty quick return (a month) since Porzingis went down and the Celtics definitely don't want to trot him back out there only to get reinjured, so I expect the Eastern Conference series outlook will have a bearing.

If the Celtics can win the next two, I'd imagine they'd let Porzingis rehab longer. If it's a 2-1 Celtics lead, I still think they give him at least abother game. But if the Celtics fall down 2 games to 1, that might expedite his return.

Personally I'd settle how a fully healthy Porzingis for the entirety of the NBA Finals. Make no mistake though, this is very good news. You don't hear about a potential return within 5 days if a player is nowhere near returning. We all remember the 2009 KG potential return saga all too well. This is much more hopeful sounding.