Kevin Garnett says Jayson Tatum is the "top player" in the NBA

On the latest episode of his show KG Certified, Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett double downed on Paul Pierce's claim that Jayson Tatum was now the best American player in the NBA, by stating JT was the "top player period."

Got to love the Celtics love, but until Tatum wins an MVP and/or championship, most NBA experts will still have Giannis and Jokic above him. Embiid has an MVP, but like Doncic, hasn't had the playoff success to earn the top player title.

Now regarding Pierce's less extreme claim that Tatum is the top American player, first of all it's kind of hilarious that Pierce has the less extreme opinion. Pierce could very well be right though. Tatum is better than Booker and LeBron, while still great, isn't what he used to be. Durant is in the mix as well and so is Curry.

Again a championship is what's needed to really establish Tatum here. Still it's great to see that Pierce and KG continue to bleed green.