Celtics Winning Streak Comes to an End in Charlotte

Despite a 45-point outing from Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics 6-game winning streak came to an end Monday night. Boston could not close the game out after taking a 9-point lead with 2:20 left, eventually losing 121-118 in overtime.
Tonight's loss was inexcusable; there's no reason for the Celtics to lose to a 3-9 team when JT scores 45. I have to highlight Jaylen Brown and Jrue Holiday for some big mistakes that cost Boston the game. 

Jaylen can't be going 5/17 and Holiday has to make those 2 free throws with a chance to stretch the lead to 4 with 10 seconds left. Both guys will be better, but tonight is primarily on them.
Unfortunately, the Celtics screwed around and paid the price for it tonight, but we can expect them to learn from this and move forward. Boston's next game will be a meaningful early season matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night at TD Garden.