Bill Simmons and Kevin O’Connor discuss the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown problem

The Celtics began last season 13-3 (and 18-4) so this year's hot start is on brand. How they finish the postseason will determine how successful the campaign was. Bill Simmons and Kevin O'Connor discussed the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown "problem," on the former's latest podcast. Simmons says you can call Jaylen the 5th most valuable player on the team, which is kind of tough to hear when a guy is getting paid absolute superstar money. O'Connor says Jaylen's lesser production is simply because Kristaps Porzingis is that good and efficient.

O'Connor adds that Porzingis should be getting more looks than he has. If the team's need for offense from Jaylen is less this season, then Brown could always dedicate the extra energy on the defensive end. I mean Jaylen has the athleticism to be an All-NBA defensive player. That's just on him.