Jayson Tatum ranks as one of NBA's most efficient iso scorers (Jaylen Brown slightly below average)

When you think of classic iso scorers in NBA history players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant probably come to mind. In the here and now, you're probably thinking about Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, and Boston's own Jayson Tatum. You'd be correct because according to nbastats through the first few weeks of the season those three have had the most iso possessions.

Luka and Jayson have been quite efficient on their isos and both rank in the top 6, while Durant has been about league average in terms of efficiency. The most efficient iso scorer by far has been Dejounte Murray. Murray like the #2 most efficient player Tyrese Halliburton have had many fewer iso possessions than guys like Tatum, Durant, and Doncic though.

Joining Tatum, Doncic, Halliburton, and Murray in the iso efficiency top 6 are the Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Tatum's Celtics partner in Jay's and max contracts Jaylen Brown is just outside the league's top 20 in terms of iso possessions, but his efficiency score is actually slightly below the league average.

The Nets Mikal Bridges and the Magic's Paolo Banchero are the owners of the least efficient rankings. Tatum scores almost twice as many points per iso than Bridges. Still early in season, but nice to see that Tatum has been making the most of his iso possessions.