Afternoon Delight: Exclusive video of Pat Riley hearing about the Damian Lillard trade

Well it appears Rondo Burgundy and the Pulitzer prize winning Celtics Life Afternoon Delight investigative journalist team has struck again. NBA fans from around the world were wondering how did Pat Riley react to Wednesday's news that his hardball 40 cents on the dollar offer to Portland ended up with egg on the Miami Heat's face when the Blazers traded Damian Lillard to the Bucks. Well here you go (NSFW language): Can't blame Riles for being uset, but he only has himself to blame. After coming up short in his pursuit of All-Stars who listed Miami as a preferred trade destination like Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant, the Heat passed on acquiring Bradley Beal at a clearance price, to save that spot for Damian Lillard. Beyond Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, there wasn't much Portland wanted left. Due to Tyler Herro's expensive extension, the Heat were hoping to flip him to another team for a firts rounder, but Miami wouldn't even include their latest first rounder Jaime Jaquez Jr in their pu pu platter of an offer to Portland.

Riley thought since Lillard was saying he would only play for the Heat, instead of offering all of his non-Butler and non-Adebayo assets to create a big 3 and get Lillard from Portland for considerably less than market value, he'd play hardball and call the Blazers bluff. Well they did, and Riley and the chalkboard subsequently had to feel the pain.

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