Should the Celtics pursue JaVale McGee as big man insurance?

Way back in March of 2015 the Celtics were reportedly all set to sign JaVale McGee to a minimum contract, but the deal broke down over an option year. McGee had a bit of a renaissance and has remained in the NBA for the past eight years.

With the 35 year old center expected to be waived by the end of this month, should the Celtics make another run at him as big man insurance on a minimum deal? The team is counting on an old Al Horford, an oft injured Robert Williams, and an oft injured and already sidelined Kristaps Porzingis to hold down the fort this season.

One of my main goals if I were Joe Mazzulla would be to monitor Al Horford's regular season minutes, so he can be fresh for a long playoff run. Betting on Porzingis and Williams to each play seventy plus games is quite the gamble. So is McGee the answer? His game more resembles Time Lord's than the other two bigs, so he could be Williams' insurance, but you could never play the two non shooters together.

What say you?