Kristaps Porzingis withdraws from FIBA World Cup due to foot injury

Definitely not what you want to see after the Celtics just traded for and signed Porzingis to an extension. Especially considering what happened with Danailo Gallinari last offseason. Plantar fasciitis is reportedly the culprit. Google translation:

It is difficult, I feel very responsible to myself and the supporters of the Latvian national team, but a decision has been made that I will not play in the World Cup.

After several weeks of recovery and a repeat MRI examination, the plantar fasciitis of my foot still prevents me from being on the field in full readiness.

This joint decision has been made by both the medical staff and coaching staff of the national team, as well as the Celtics team - with the advice and opinion that it is now necessary to continue the recovery process.

Such a decision is not easy to make, but I promise that I will be there and support the team as much as I can.

Our land - Latvia! 🇱🇻💪

Hopefully this doesn't remain a nagging issue for the Latvian big man during his upcoming Celtics tenure. We will keep you posted with any updates.